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What You Will Benefit from Bioflavonoids?


Bioflavonoids have been commonly incorporated in some nutritional supplements sold in the market today. But for some consumers, this term doesn’t seem to ring a bell.

So you may ask what are bioflavonoids?bioflavonoids

Bioflavonoids are a group of plant pigments that give colors to some fruits and flowers. They are used in alternative medicine to treat and prevent many health conditions such as arthritis and other inflammatory problems, allergies and viral infections, aside from acting as an antioxidant that protects the body against free radicals and to support blood circulation.

But the main function of bioflavonoids is to enhance the action of vitamin C though it has greater antioxidant effect than the latter. It is also more powerful than vitamin E, selenium and zinc.

Among the dietary sources of flavonoids are red wine, legumes, green tea, citrus fruits, onions, berries and parsley.

Bioflavonoids are categorized into four — PCO (Proanthocyanidins), Quercetin, Citrus bioflavonoids and Green Tea Polyphenols.

Proanthocyanidins exist in many plants and in red wine. They are sourced commercially from grape seeds and the bark of the maritime pine.

Quercetin is the most active among the flavonoids while Citrus bioflavonoids is a mixture of rutinosides known as hydroxyethylrutosides (HER).

Quercetin is especially helpful for diabetics as it works to enhance the secretion of insulin and helps prevent diabetic cataracts and retinopathy. It is also helpful against viruses that cause herpes, influenza and polio.

Citrus bioflavonoids consist of naringin, rutin, hesperidin and quercitrin. This type has been found to have an effect on such conditions as hemorrhoids in pregnant wo


men and varicose veins. It also works to improve microvascular blood flow and to treat pain, tired legs, night cramps and restless legs.

Green Tea Polyphenols is derived from tea plant camellia sinensis and is produced by steaming the fresh cut leaf.

Among these four categories, Citrus bioflavonoids is most commonly used in majority of nutritional supplements available today.

ARIIX and Bioflavonoids

Ariix, the global leader in the health and wellness industry, uses Citrus bioflavonoids as one of the ingredients in Vinali, a line of its nutritional supplement under the brand Nutrifii.

Vinali is a nutritional supplement that contains a synergistic blend of powerful antioxidants that support the heart, eyes, skin and lungs.

Aside from bioflavonoids, the other antioxidants included in Vinali, which produce anti-aging effects, are grape seed extract, vitamin C and acerola cherry.

Vitamin C and grape seed extract work synergistically to provide powerful antioxidants, which have been proven to produce anti-aging effects.

Vitamin C encourages the production of collagen in the skin and helps lighten brown spots caused by sun damage. Collagen is the protein that maintains the skin’s elasticity, firmness and suppleness.

Grape seed extract promotes healthy immune function, helping the body fight the damage caused by free radicals.

The combination of bioflavonoids, grape seed extract, vitamin C and acerola cherry is what makes Vinali very effective.

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