Ways on How to Detox Your Body

how to detox your body

There are many ways on how to detox our body.

Our body is not safe wherever we go, especially when we step out of our house. Toxins can get from the water we drink, the air we breathe, the food we eat, the medicine we take or things we are using every day like cosmetics. These toxins can affect our health and can lead to a serious disease if you just ignore it. That’s why doctors advise us to detoxify our body.

By detoxification, our body and mind will function properly. It’s good for our brain function, helps relieve stress, metabolism and overall health.

So what are the things we need to do on how to detox your body?

1. Start your day with water

You need to detoxify your body by drinking a lot of water. There’s nothing better than water. Its benefit is not only for flushing out unwanted toxins but for weight loss and to have healthy skin. More than 8 glasses of water daily and you will feel great.

how to detox your body2. Regular Exercise

Exercising too much every day is okay but maybe it is for other purposes like building muscles or maybe you’re an athlete. You don’t need to exercise too much for detoxification – a 30-minute walk, 1-hour jogging, stretch every morning, or even push-ups and planks are enough to release unwanted toxins in your body.

3. Drink tea for the evening routine

Maybe at first, you won’t like it but your body will love it. Most coffee drinkers are not into teas, but why not try, it will help you live a healthy lifestyle. You can make it by adding turmeric, lemon, garlic, dandelion, and several other herbs which are great for detoxification.

4. Meditation

Try to calm yourself for 15-20 minutes, it will relax your mind. Breathe deeply and be calm. This works to reduce stress and oxygenate the blood. Start with basic meditation.

– Find a quiet place to meditate. Maybe at your home, in your workplace or any place you are comfortable to do it.
– Sit in a comfortable position (usually Indian style)
– Take a deep breath and control your breathing

5. Find time to have some funhow to detox your body

We couldn’t avoid stress, and this stress really affects our health. Spending time to enjoy is part of detoxification. How to detox your body with this? Engage in healthy activities with your friends and family – Dance, sing, draw, plant trees, play or sign up for any sports activity. It’s up to you of what you can do to release your tension.

6. Hot to Cold and Cold to Hot shower

Do this way of eliminating toxic stress. You can practice it also during your shower session. A hot shower can give you a good sleep, relax the mind and reduce tension, however, a cold shower can release stress and stimulate your blood circulation. Change shower temperature every 5 minutes- from hot to cold and cold to hot in the shower.

7. Let’s go to the sauna

We cannot force everybody to go exercise to sweat. There’s the other way to do it, by going to the sauna. Since sweating is very important for detox; if you couldn’t go for an active activity, this is the other way to do it.

8. Time for a body massage

Pamper yourself! Relax and try to remove work or problems in your mind. Below are some best massages for detox:

– Garshana Lymphatic Massage
– Lymphatic Drainage Massage
– Ayurvedic Dry Massage

how to detox your body9. Restoriix is a whole body detox in a bottle

Restoriix helps remove unwanted toxins, balances pH level and for restoration of your overall health. Taking this daily supplement, restoriix in 8 ounces of water first thing in the morning will aid in detoxing your body and living a healthy lifestyle.

10. Have a Positive thoughts

Sometimes it is not in your physical activity, but in your mind. Thinking too much is big NO NO. Calm yourself and perform all the advice above. Hangout with your friends and family. Don’t restrain yourself from laughing or crying or even partying until you drop.

I already mentioned above the ways on how to detox your body. It is up to you on how you perform it. Help yourself to have a better and healthy lifestyle. As I said, unwanted toxins can lead to a serious and dangerous disease. Before it happens, take action!

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ARIIX Products Team

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