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Water Filtration Bottles and its Benefits

Water Filtration Bottles - Benefits

water filtration bottlesWater filtration bottles are gaining huge popularity because of the growing health problems caused by contaminated water. Health buffs that frequent the gym, opt to bring water bottles with a filter because of convenience and easy accessibility. Water filters provide undeniable benefits once installed at home or in a water bottle. A water filter not only removes unwanted contaminants but improves the taste and smell of water to a great effect. Moreover, it can give you continuous fresh water supply without any hassle. In addition, you will not need a huge storage place for multiple packs of bottled water. There are uncountable advantages of water filters. Here are the major benefits of Water Filtration bottles.

Benefits of Using Water Filtration Bottles


benefitsWater sources use chlorine to clean up water from multiple contaminants. However, chlorine itself can be harmful to your health. Chlorine can be a risk factor in developing certain cancers, like rectal, bladder, and colon. Water filters eliminate chlorine and its by-products from water using carbon filters. Water filters remove 99% of contaminants from water. It removes lead, chlorine, clay, and sand. Chlorine present in water can greatly damage your laundry appliances, plumbing, hot water heaters and the likes. Also, water filters remove chlorine and other chemicals from water used for household purposes and assure that these chemicals can no longer remain in clothing.


water filtration bottlesWater filtration bottles can greatly improve the taste and color of drinking water. This is the result of the filters removing bacteria and chlorine from tap water. Also, with the use of filtered water bottles, minerals from tap water are retained. As a result, water is purer and clean at the same time. In addition, the pH level of water is retained at normal levels because healthy minerals are preserved. Moreover, it also improves the taste of your food as water is used in a variety of palatable foods like hot beverages, boiling pasta and rinsing vegetables. All things considered, by using better tasting water at the convenience of your tap water, you can cook better-tasting food.


benefitsWater filters are one of the cost-effective measures in saving money for the rainy days. It is wiser to spend money on one-time installation of water filter rather than spending it on other alternatives for getting purified. These alternatives are more expensive and can produce more hassle to deal with. In addition, bottled water is a hassle to bring every other day and also you’ll end up spending huge amounts of money.


benefitsWater filters can be of great help to the environment. Water filtration bottles are reusable and there is no need to throw it out every after use. Unlike bottled water, that is made of dangerous plastic materials, these stainless steel bottles are safe and don’t need to be discarded until it’s damaged. Plastic bottles are dangerous to the environment since they are usually buried in landfills and do not rot. Plastic water bottles can be dangerous to the ocean as well.

Ariix Puritii Bottles & Puritii Water Filters

Puritii BottlesPuritii water filter removes 99.99% of bacteria, viruses, and parasites from any water source. Tested and certified, Puritii Water Filters meet and exceed US Environmental Protection Agency’s standards.

Puritii Bottles are available in stainless steel and durable flexible plastic. When used together, the filter and the bottle combine the power of science with the purity of nature to ensure a safe supply of drinking water anywhere in the world. Also, it’s eco-friendly and a fit top water bottle as well. It’s hard to find a water bottle with filter for travel, however, Puritii Bottle is great for traveling purposes. In addition, Puritii Bottle is the best self filtering water bottle.

To read and see more of the product, click Puritii Bottles.

To Maintaining Good Health,

The ARIIX Products Team
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