Vitamin C and its Effects

Vitamin C – What You Need To Know About It

Why does the body need vitamin C? Vitamin C is a nutrient that is water-soluble and can be found on most day to day foods. When such vitamin enters our body’s system, it acts as an antioxidant. It then aids in healing damaged cells that was caused by free radicals. Free radicals are hazardous compounds that when other cells react to it, those cells become ineffective or may possibly die. These compounds are produced when our bodies turn the food we eat as an energy source. Free radicals can be acquired from pollution in the environment. A person can be exposed to such compound when near cigarette smoke or if the person is exposed to air pollution and UV rays from the sun.

Vitamin C

It plays an important role to the body especially in making collagen. It also facilitates in the permeability of iron nutrient that comes from plant foods that a person digests. This then aids the immune system to work effectively and fend off diseases.

Such vitamin is important to protein metabolism. It is vital also in the healing of wounds in the system. Since it also acts as an antioxidant, it also comes with Vitamin E. If the body accumulates such vitamins, they are distributed in the eyes, brain, cells and tissues.

Vitamin C Deficiency Symptoms:

vitamin c deficiencyThe lack of vitamin intake may lead to fast fatigue of a person, inflammation of the gums and malaise. If a person just gets fatigue for doing a task that doesn’t require much effort, that can be a symptom of lacking Vitamin C. Having malaise makes a person feel discomfort in a general sense. This then can leads to sickness.

Symptoms of deficiency include rashes, gingivitis and internal bleeding. Irritability, weight loss and weakness are more profound symptoms for adults when it comes to lacking this vitamin in their system. A person can lack such vitamins due to lack of nutrition in meals or diet.

Vitamin C foods:

Knowing that such vitamin is essential to have in a person’s everyday life, it is important to know the sources on where it can be taken or received.

Peppers have a good amount of vitamins in them. Studies in the US has shown that the substance Capsaicin that is found in chili peppers, help ease muscle and joint pain. Red peppers also has in them vitamin A which helps the health of the eyes.

kale Kale itself has tons of nutrients in it. From Vitamin A, C and K. This nutrient-filled food comes along with a high number of minerals and fatty acids.

Broccoli brings a good number of this vitamin and fiber to the body. Studies conducted on this food shows that it has the potential to prevent cancer.

Papaya aids on making your skin healthier and help with your sinuses. One cup serving of papaya brings at least 88.3 mg of this vitamin.

Strawberries are a food that is beneficial to the overall health of the body especially the heart. Other than this, it also comes along with a good dose of folate.

Vitamin C Supplements:

Dietary supplements are one of the easiest products to have access on all kinds of nutrients.  They have such vitamins but in the form of ascorbic acid. Such supplement comes along with Calcium and Minerals to maximize the efficiency of the supplement.

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