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From: The Desk of Tim Sales
3X Fat Loss System for Men
Date:  Sunday September 10th 2017

Congratulations you found us. I’m going to talk to you about Fat Loss for Men. Let me start with this quick little story.

In the late 1980’s I drew the short straw and had to go listen to a salesman do some sales pitch about a product is company wanted to sell to my military unit.

I was part of a US Navy diving unit that specialized in underwater bombs and demolition. This would happen every few months and all of us guys hated it.

Somebody was always trying to sell us something. I was to meet this salesman at a small theater on base. I arrived early, sat on the 2nd row from the stage. I threw my feet over the back of the chairs in front of me, pulled my hat down on my nose to catch a few minutes of shut-eye.

I wasn’t really asleep - we called it a combat nap. Suddenly I heard the racking of a .45 Caliber Colt Handgun! I jerked my hat up and tried to lift my feet up and over the chairs I had them hanging over – but my feet had gone numb.

A man standing on the stage, turned the colt towards his chest and fired at point blank range. He fell backwards and the colt bounced on the wooden floor. I started to move towards the weapon (that’s the only thing in the room capable of killing me).

For the life of me I could not connect the dots as to what was going on and why this guy just shot himself. I partly thought I was in a nightmare where nothing makes sense.

Except for the ringing in my ears, the smell of gun powder, the pounding in my chest and the numbness in my legs that kept insisting it was really happening.

Then, he moved, then stood up. This was getting more bizarre by the second. He picked up and holstered the colt and walked over to the edge of the stage where I was crouched down.

He reached his right hand out like he wanted to shake mine. I hesitantly reached up and grasped his hand (still feeling a bit uncertain about shaking the hand of a man who should be dead).

He introduced himself, “Hi, my name is Greg, and I’d like to talk to you about bullet proof vests.”

"I learned two things that day - One he believed in his product and two not all sales guys are bad!"

What he sold me did save my butt and a lot of my team. By the end of this page, I hope you learn the same two things about me. My intention here is to help you.

I know that most guys are tough and often feel they don’t need any help losing Unwanted Fat. But just like this story, sometimes our arrogance or distain for someone selling something can block us from getting the help we obviously need. 

Look down at your belly... is there extra fat there?
 If so, I can help.

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