Shiitake Mushroom – A Super Food Found In MOA

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Shiitake Mushroom

Translated from Japanese, “shii” refers to the tree on which these mushrooms originally grew, while “také” simply means mushroom. For more than 6,000 years, Asians have been using a kind of fungus especially needed for medicinal uses – the Shiitake Mushroom. These fungi are not known because of their origin, but because of the many benefits, it has brought to the human race. shiitake mushroomDiscovered by the Asians, the Shiitake Mushroom has been used by them over centuries and has become an ancient medicine. And because of the image of the Asians for having long lives, Americans and people around the world are starting to take notice of the diet and lifestyle being lived by the Asians. And lately, the Shiitake Mushroom has been sprouting everywhere! The flavor of the Shiitake has also endeared the taste buds of the people around the world. Now, rather than being shipped from Asia, Shiitake has made its way to the shelves of grocery stores. Famous for their rich texture and smoky flavor, they’re the second most commonly cultivated edible mushrooms. A Super Food that can be used in almost everything.

Unlike any other food, it is also known for its distinct taste. A smoky blend flavor is an acquired taste to some, but others find it very delicious. Some mistake Shiitake as some type of vegetable, but what they don’t know is that these are a fungus. Fungus – a special type of living organism that has no roots, leaves, flowers, or seeds. Fungi usually grow at the roots or the bark of the tree. It is where they get their nutrients. One fun fact about fungi is that they just sprout about everywhere and anywhere, especially after the rain.

Shiitake Mushroom and its many benefits:

What you don’t know about this mushroom – it fights cancer and AIDS. It fights more than these life-threatening illnesses, it also helps the body work more efficiently and protects the body from harm. Here are few of the many benefits of the infamous mushroom:shiitake

  • Immune System Booster
  • Blood Pressure Control
  • Stress Reducer
  • Anti-aging Properties
  • Treats Skin-Inflammatory Conditions
  • Lowers Bad Cholesterol in the Body
  • Enhances the Immunity of the Body
  • Rich in Anti-Cancer Properties
  • Eases Thrombosis
  • Prevents Iron Deficiency
  • Strengthens the Digestive System

It contains a lot of essential amino acids that are important to the body. It has even a better ratio of amino acids than meat, milk, soybeans, or even egg. It is also contained with lots of vitamins and minerals including Vitamin A, B, B12, C, and D. Also, it produces a fat-absorbing compound which is perfect for those who want to lose weight. It is known to be the “miracle mushroom”. Shiitake mushrooms are naturally anti-inflammatory antibacterial, and anti-fungal. Not to mention, it is bursting with B vitamins to the point that it almost is a B-complex supplement on its own!

MOA – Super Nutritional Blend

Introducing a medicinal breakthrough, MOA, moa superdrink a Super Nutrition Blend of super foods that are 100% organic and free of preservatives. MOA is packed with purees, extracts, whole fruits, vegetables, and herbs in one! It is one of the most liquid formulas on the market today.

Aside from the fact that it is purely organic and natural, it is packed with nutrients. Discover the benefits of Mother Nature to the human race in a different way. MOA gives you so much more than just the great taste. It contains so many medicinal fruits and herbs, along with this is the Shiitake Mushroom. What more could you ask for?

MOA was thoroughly researched and worked on. It took a year to develop MOA, find out the reason why!

MOA – One Year Journey

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MOA – Super Nutritional Blend infused with Shiitake and 33 Other Super Foods!

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