Reviive by ARIIX

Beautifully Natural

Reviive is our line of body care products that are loaded with all-natural and certified organic ingredients that provide health benefits from head to toe!
Reviive products do more than clean the skin--they are free from chemicals that introduce toxins into the body.

Awareness in Key

Some of the chemicals found in typical body care products are considered environmental hazards by the EPA--yet it's perfectly legal for manufacturers to put them in their products, indirectly allowing you to put them in your body. How many of these chemicals have you been using daily without realizing the damage they can cause? 

A Fresh Approach

Because the skin is both a barrier and a carrier, we created Reviive to bring you a healthy cleaning alternative for you largest organ, the epidermis.

White Tea Extract

Reviive features a base of certified organic Camellia sinensis leaf extract, commonly know as white tea, which has natural conditioning properties.

Sweet Blue Lupine Peptides

Offer an effective way to maintain skin health and enhanced wrinkle reduction.

Coconut-Derived Decyl Glucoside

A natural, non-ionic surfactant that does not dry out hair or skin.​

Reviive Products

Reviive Products


2-Shampoo, 2-Conditioner, 2-Body Wash & 1-Toothpaste

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