The ARIIX Seal of Approval is the gold standard that symbolizes the pursuit to always be best in class.
To hold ourselves accountable to our own standard and provide you the very best, we subject ourselves to the most stringent regulations and testing of all of our brands, from ingredients to parts to manufacturing:

Additionally, ARIIX products are not registered with the FDA as nutritional supplements, but have successfully achieved the much more stringent FDR drug facility registration. This is the highest level of FDA certification in the industry.

It is the OTC (Over the Counter) standard that truly sets ARIIX apart. OTC certification means that ARIIX products are manufactured to the same standard as over the counter medicines. Some supplement companies have worked for 20 years to achieve this certification. ARIIX offered OTC certificated products from the first day they entered the market.

ARIIX PRODUCT GUARANTEE: Retail customers get a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. Try any ARIIX products and if you don't get the results you're looking for within 30 days, get your money back.

Incredible Certificates and Awards Received this Year as we Worked Together to Unleash the Human Potential for Good Around the World.


The ARIIX Seal of Approval is the gold standard that symbolizes our pursuit of “best in class.” When you choose ARIIX, you are choosing cutting-edge products and the peace of mind that comes with stringent testing of all our brands, from ingredients and formulas to manufacturing –– the ARIIX Gold Standard.

Through meticulous processes followed by each of our laboratories and manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Canada, Europe and China, ARIIX scientists and product developers confirm that the highest level of scientific research, quality control and safety measures go into every ARIIX product. Throughout the manufacturing process, we monitor for accuracy of weight and formulation, procuring samples and sending them to certified laboratories for third-party evaluation, in order to ensure that from raw materials to final formula, we exceed FDA standards. And we continually audit individual facilities to verify they meet our quality standards, follow Good Manufacturing Practices, and truly merit the ARIIX Seal of Approval.


Informed-Sport -

Informed-Sport Global Sports Nutrition
Informed-Sport certification means that every supplement product in the Informed-Sport program has passed a rigorous testing process to ensure the products do not contain banned substances. Additional products will be certified as testing and verification is completed.

Informed-Sport Global Sports Nutrition Certification has certified Nutrifii products (Optimal-V, Optimal-M, Vináli, Biopro-Q, Magnical-D, Moa, Omega-Q, Rejuveniix and Restoriix) and the European formula for Slenderiiz (Day and Night drops).

Consumer -®, LLC (“CL”) is the leading provider of independent test results and information to help consumers and healthcare professionals identify the best quality health and nutrition products.

Both Omega-Q and Vináli are certified through the Quality Certification Program.


NSF International Certification®
NSF International is recognized as the leading independent dietary supplement certification body in the U.S. Through regular site audits, documentation review and regular periodic product testing, their rigorous certification process ensures that products are free of contaminants, that the ingredients listed on the label are accurate, and that the manufacturing processes meet the strictest GMP standards for dietary supplements.

Nutrifii Optimal-V, Optimal-M and Vináli are all certified by NSF.


Prescriber’s Digital Reference®
The Prescriber’s Digital Reference (PDR), formerly known as Physician’s Desk Reference, delivers knowledge on innovative health products and services that support prescribing decisions and patient adherence to improve health.

Nutrifii Optimal-V, Optimal-M and Vináli are included in the PDR.

Leaping Bunny -

Leaping Bunny Cruelty-Free
Through this program, compassionate consumers connect with companies committed to avoiding animal testing. The globally recognized Leaping Bunny program proudly proclaims dedication to safe and animal-friendly manufacturing practices and raw material sourcing.

Jouvé, Reviive, Priime and NuCerity are certified under the Leaping Bunny program.

PeTA -

PETA Cruelty-Free Certification
With a strict commitment to not conducting any animal testing, ARIIX is one of only a few direct selling companies that can proudly display the Beauty Without Bunnies program branding.


Environmental Working Group (EWG) Verified
This distinguished seal recognizes exceptional purity and safety standards, confirming that products are free from toxic or harmful chemicals and that company manufacturing processes meet rigorous criteria.

Jouvé Nourishing Night Cream, Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream, and Instant Tightening & Restoring Serum are EWG Verified.

Kosher -

Halal and Kosher Certified
ARIIX is pleased to announce that we’ve expanded our list of product offerings that have achieved Halal and Kosher religious certifications.

Products which are Halal Certified include NuCerity (Body Silk, Eye Effects 3, Peptide Plus Moisturizer and Skincerity), Nutrifii (Biopro-Q, Omega-Q, Optimal-V, Optimal-M, Rejuveniix, Restoriix, Vináli, Moa and Moa II) and Slenderiiz (PureNourish, Power Boost, Beauty Boost, Day and Night drops). Kosher-Certified products include Giving Greens, LIMU ORIGINAL, BLU FROG 2, PureNourish, Power Boost, Beauty Boost and Restoriix.

Sydney-U -

Glycemic Index and Gluten Free Verification
In addition to the many certifications ARIIX products have garnered, we’ve also received accredited Glycemic Index testing by the Sydney University Glycemic Index Research Service for Moa and Moa II, and Gluten Free Verification for all Nutrifii, Slenderiiz, Jouvé, Reviive, Priime and NuCerity products.



Following established United States Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines ensures that tablets or capsules dissolve properly, so that the body receives the maximum benefit of all ingredients.


Water quality standards are set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with which cities and states are required to comply. Puritii’s filtration far exceeds the standards set by the EPA.


A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) refers to any food product that has been altered at the gene level. With growing health concerns over the use of GMOs in our food supply, ARIIX is committed to producing all products without the use of GMOs.


Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) are practices required by agencies that control authorization and licensing for the manufacture and sale of food, supplements and drug products. These guidelines provide requirements that a pharmaceutical or a food product manufacturer must meet in order to assure that the products are of high quality. All ARIIX supplements are manufactured under GMPs.


The process to achieve NSF certification is costly, time intensive and labor intensive. Since most companies need time to “work the bugs out” in the manufacturing process, they wait several years to apply for NSF certification. ARIIX products have had NSF certification from the first day their products entered the market.
This certification insures that the products produced are manufactured in a facility that complies with the guidelines set by the National Nutritional Foods Association. In order to maintain GMP certification, the facility is periodically inspected and audited to ensure continuous compliance.
Additionally, ARIIX products are not registered with the FDA as nutritional supplements, but have successfully achieved the much more stringent FDA drug facility registration. This is the highest level of FDA certification in the industry.
It is the OTC (Over the Counter) standard that truly sets ARIIX apart. OTC certification means that ARIIX products are manufactured to the same standard as over the counter medicines. Some supplement companies have worked for 20 years to achieve this certification. ARIIX offered OTC certified products from the first day they entered the market.


Our Scientific Advisory Board includes some of the most respected individuals in their specialized fields, who collaborate closely with us in the development of our products within each ARIIX brand. Each of these members contributes to the leading edge of health science, with a commitment to health and wellness products of the highest quality and purity available.
Dr. Strand is a graduate of Colorado Medical University and completed his postgraduate training at Mercy Hospital in San Diego, California. Dr. Strand has operated an active family practice, private for 42 years and is a strong advocate of nutritional medicine, he lectured widely on nutritional medicine in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia.
Chemical Engineer
Mr. Roth is a chemical engineer with over 25 years of experience in the dietary supplement industry. He has served in many food industry organizations, which included the role of GMP and was President of NNFA (National Nutritional Foods Assoc.). And is a member of the botanical AHPA Standards Committee. He specializes in the development of innovative ingredients and understands the different roles of vitamins, minerals, herbs and phytonutrients in the human diet.
Chemical Engineer
Mr. Miser is a chemical engineer and expert in development of multi-talented products in the health industry and welfare. He brings nearly two decades of experience in the development of high margin offerings for large network marketing companies, specializing in personal care, home care, nutrition and basic products. Mr. Miser is responsible for the formulation of a flagship Ariix the Moa™.
Naturopate, nutritionist
Ms. Elmuts is a naturopath, clinical nutritionist, certified biofeedback technician and parent educator. She has helped thousands of people to discover the path to a healthier lifestyle, more dynamic through its website, workshops, videos, speeches, and private practice. She is the founder and creator of of multiple parenting programs and family-oriented.
Dr. Ginger is the founder and CEO Dr. Ginger, LLC, a consulting company wellness which is recognized for a reverse approach to the disease in its formation. She works with Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller entities, helping those seeking to overcome the challenges of health and improve their well-being in their lives. Dr. Ginger engages the public around the world through his articles in popular magazines, television appearances, and his speeches in public.
Dr. Marvin is passionate about a natural approach to dental care and educates tirelessly on his patients the most effective holistic dentistry. Dr. Marvin has long studied the link between gum disease and systemic disease and works to develop natural and sustainable solutions required for optimal oral hygiene and dental health.
Troy Scott, Ph.D. is a specialist in water security and internationally recognized owner and Hydros Hydros Coastal Solutions Laboratories. He graduated from the University of Florida with a Masters degree in Environmental Microbiology and a PhD in Molecular Biology / Epidemiology. He then completed his studies in the College of Marine Sciences at the University of South Florida and in fisheries and wildlife at the University of Michigan.


Our Wellness Council represents a worldwide collaboration of health and wellness professionals who are passionate advocates for preventive health maintenance. They continually update our collective understanding of health science and provide invaluable guidance to both product formulations and the education of our Representatives.
Dr. Bustillos has joined the Board welfare of ARIIX company with a capacity of expertise as a specialist diabetes doctor and renowned surgeon. Dr. Bustillos was educated and graduated from the College of Mexico bariatric Surgeons and holds several degrees in science, medical emergencies, and in biotechnology. It is dedicated to raising awareness in the fields of biological, mental and social.
Mr. Chang is a Chinese medicine practitioner based in California. Chinese acupuncturist and with a commitment to excellence in improving the welfare of those around him. He believes in creating a state of mind partnership with patients, allowing them to take control of their own life choices.
Ellie DiGiulio is an esthetician and cosmetic products specialist licensed from Boca Raton, Fla.Ms. DiGiulio received specialized training and certifications from more elite institutions, including the American Academy of Medical Aesthetics, clinical research Rhona Allison, PCA skin and Westmore Academy of Cosmetic Arts in Hollywood, CA. She specializes in both preventive care and repair, customizing treatment plans for patients so that they take advantage of young skin long after left his clinic.
Dr. Dimayuga, a practicing physician, explains his interest in the welfare Council ARIIX:"My goal after medical school and my postgraduate training was primarily the preventive health care.Virtually all the training programs at the time emphasized the treatment of disease rather than the well-being and prevention. for more than a quarter century, I have devoted my talents to change that and educate my patients on proactive value of supplementation in their diet. The mission of ARIIX is in line with my vision of proper supplementation."
Nancy Hartline, a native of Florida, is a specialist in the face and has a degree in massage therapy.It provides highly specialized services to relieve their patients with the tissues of affected nerves.She also runs educational workshops on the many advantages and benefits massages and have healthy skin throughout the use of appropriate product lines to each person.
Dr. Illeck studied at Rutgers University and the New Jersey Medical School, he finished his studies at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He is a practicing obstetrician and gynecologist in Huntington Beach, California, and strongly advocates the value of preventive nutrition in patients in practice and as a member of the wellness Council.
Ms. Lam is a clinical pharmacist of British Columbia. She and her husband, Solomon, are part of the team of ARIIX.She spent a considerable time to educate beyond the traditional pharmaceutical training, dive in the benefits of preventive health care and is now a powerful advocate of nutritional supplementation as a way to preventive health care.
Ms. Lui is a clinical pharmacist practitioner at St. Paul's Hospital in Vancouver. She believes in achieving and maintaining health through the integration of western medical science and oriental approach to preventive care by nutritional supplementation. with this philosophy, it helped to significantly improve the health of many friends, family members, and customers.
Ms Melby is a skin specialist based in Arizona and educator for more than three decades in the industry.With a strong and incredible sense of leadership, Ms Melby holds a degree in business administration and management, and medical esthetician degrees, laser technician, and life coach. in her spare time, she is dedicated to community involvement and supports several non-profit organizations.
Dr. Rios is a certified doctor based in Omaha, Nebraska. She graduated from medical school "Juan Bautista School" of Puerto Rico and completed his studies at Creighton University in Omaha. Dr. Rios described his interest in membership of the Council of welfare ARIIX: "This position gives me the opportunity to learn from my peers, educate my patients about holistic nutrition and help them achieve more balance in their lives."
Dr. Shu is a chiropractor based in California that is dedicated to improving the lives of patients and members of the community. "I am happy to share my honest and professional opinion with ARIIX and new products are developed," explains Dr. Shu its partnership with ARIIX. with over twelve years experience in the field of health and well-being, Dr. Shu brings to the Board of welfare-depth understanding of nutrition and supplementation and how they relate to total body health.
Dr. Silkman practice veterinary medicine and is the medical director and founder of the Jordan River Animal Hospital in West Jordan, Utah. He is determined to help the animals to be healthy, and so to make their owners happy and seeks preventive and alternative therapies to remain minimally invasive in the care of his patients. He also advocates preventive care to family, friends and colleagues after improving its own way of life using most of the ARIIX products.
Dr. Sutherland is an ophthalmologist Moscow, Russia. She graduated in the top ten of his class Moscow Medical State University, then attended a two-year advanced program for doctors in receiving credentials as a bioengineer doctor.Dr. Sutherland spends much of his time to the study and practice of preventive health care.
Dr. Tang was a cardiologist practicing in China before settling in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She completed a PhD program in the study of coronary heart disease, and discovered the importance of vitamins and supplements in its early years as cardiologist. Dr. Tang is now sharing his global perspective wellness, diet, supplementation, and overall health with colleagues as a teacher and lecturer.
Ms. Cheng Tao started his incredible career in medicine and health when she graduated from the University of North China Science and Technology and immediately began to work in a military hospital. Shortly after, she was transferred to Tang Shan City health Unit where she learned clinical research, scientific research and management work of the medical Association for many years. Currently she is the head of the China Association functional medicine, Hebei Chaper and is director of management specialists health Association Tangshan. Ms. Tao brings extensive knowledge and experience in the field of health at the Council.
Dr. van Overbruggen is a health coach and professional mental health specialist in the study of the power of the mind and cope with chronic pain and depression. Dr. van Overbruggen team its customers valuable tools to overcome the challenges of physical and psychological pain through a combination of hypnosis, neurolinguistic, and energy psychology. He is also the author of several books and downloadable applications that cover the subject.
Mary Jane Will is a professional esthetician and licensed and is based in Lake Mary, FL. As the owner of Envision Absolute Beauty, it provides highly specialized services to its patients, including the application of peels, microdermabrasion , dermaplaning and body contouring. it focuses on teaching his patients as overall health is the foundation of true beauty.
Dr. Yang is recognized in the areas of biotechnology research, genetics and genomics. He finished medical school, obtained a Master of Science in microbiology and virology, and earned a doctorate prestigious schools worldwide.Dr. Yang is focused on the promotion of healthy living in southern China through the Council welfare ARIIX and its many possibilities.
Mr. Yeshang graduated from Shandong Medical University and is a specialist of fame, health management at the national level with expertise in five key areas, including traditional Chinese medicine, Western medicine pathology, psychology, I Ching and preventive medicine. Mr. Yeshang believes that health management philosophy and promotion of high quality products are ARIIX of his highest responsibility as a new Board member wellness.
Speaker and author, Dr. Zhao holds a bachelor's degree in physics from the University of Science and Cheng holds an MA in History of Technology Technical University of China. He says nutrition " . having personally experienced all sorts of health problems and rigorously studied modern nutrition, I devoted my time to the pursuit, advancement and application real health principles." He wrote a modern theory of nutrition which was chosen by the government for use in its National consumer Council program that has just been launched.


At ARIIX, we are unfailingly committed to providing safe, pure, and effective supplements catering to the nutritional needs of athletes—our consumers with the highest level of nutritional demands. Our Athletes Council is comprised of knowledgeable professionals who broaden our understanding of this important market.
In 1966, Mr. Gajda became the only person to finish first in the three biggest bodybuilding contest. USA, Mr. America and Mr. Universe in a calendar year. Bob was inducted into the World Body Building Guild, the internationally renowned fitness room, the National Fitness Hall of Fame, . and the Association of Oldetime Barbell & Strongmen Hall of Fame He says: "I use supplements for over fifty years, and they have definitely helped me win titles. As a therapist, I could see their beneficial effects on my patients. The pharmaceutical purity and potency guaranteed by the products are factors that were decisive in my decision to support and promote products distributed by the company ARIIX. I think nothing less, either for personal use or for my health practice."
A martial arts expert and world renowned 6-Master, Mr. Espinosa said:"What excites me to be a member of the Wellness Council ARIIX is that it is an opportunity to take part in the formulation of health products and services in the fitness and wellness industry. as a fitness expert in my community, I try to incorporate fitness as a lifestyle for the whole family. being part this incredible team of visionaries and leaders who want to change the health care industry and the long-term quality will allow me to continue these efforts to a larger scale."
Ms. DeLay is the third woman in history Tennis coach to be inducted into the Hall of Washington University in the discipline. Inducted in 2008, she was honored for his achievements as women's tennis coach after that she and her team have established the record number of matches won. his current goal, she says, "is to target groups of athletes of all ages, both amateur and professional, with education solutions and nutrition, including products under brands ARIIX, to maintain health, to get healthy, and prevent or slow the degenerative disease process, to enable them to develop their talents and all their potential."
Is a martial arts teacher level 3 certified competitor and respected in his field, Dr. Gast said, "My 25 years of martial arts training and the issue of international competition allowed me to experience many methods of training and learning and what works and does not work. Acquire and share an understanding of the nutritional needs of athletes, as part of their diet training period is something that helps both my students and customers competing for some at the highest level."
Mr. Joyner played for four teams in Major League Baseball during these 16 years of career all-star, including the California Angels. He was part of the pennant winner in 1998 and San Diego Padres is currently coach drummers for the Detroit Tigers. Mr. Joyner is equally at ease in the spotlight in meeting room, he said: "With ARIIX, I saw an opportunity to have a positive effect on business and the world of baseball, and even in the life in general.thank ARIIX this opportunity to share a business opportunity that can potentially change your life and improve those people you hang out with."
Mr. Berger, film producer Back From The Edge, is the oldest person in the Western Hemisphere to have climbed the seven highest peaks on all seven continents. He is also an ardent supporter of the health and well and continues to be making plans to continue his climbing achievements all this in over 70 years. Werner Berger attributes his vitality to a balanced lifestyle, exercise and regular use of high quality dietary supplements.

The Differences Between Capsules and Tablets

Deanna Latson, CPO and Founder of ARIIX, explains the advantages, risks and differences between capsules and tablets, and why ARIIX decided to use capsules in the Nutrifii line.

Learn what makes the ARIIX Products so special with
Deanna Latson, ARIIX's Chief Product Officer and co-Owner

"Nothing I wouldn't put in my body or my children's bodies gets into any ARIIX products."

ARIIX's Quality Assurance is the Highest in the Industry!

Dr. Ray Strand Recommends ARIIX!

General Frequent Ask Questions

Q: Are ALL ARIIX products free from animal testing?
Yes! The products are cruelty free and free from animal testing.

Q: Are any products helpful with menopause?
A good multi vitamin and multi mineral along with omegas are beneficial during menopause.

Q: Are product ingredients organic?
Because we buy our ingredients from all over the world, each market has its own organic certification process, making it very difficult to obtain an organic label. While our products do not hold the certified organic label, they are all subjected to rigorous testing that actually goes one step further. Every single ingredient is tested to ensure they are negative for any pesticides or contaminants before manufacturing.

Q: Are the bottles and lids of supplements recyclable?
Yes! The bottles and lids for our supplement bottles are recyclable.

Q: Are there any nut allergens in any of the PureNourish products?
PureNourish is free of all nuts, wheat, gluten, dairy, and soy!

Q: Are there any products not recommended for pregnant women?
Rejuveniix. We do not recommend any type of stimulant during pregnancy, such as coffee or caffeinated tea or soda. However, if you are currently weaning yourself off of products such as these, we suggest switching over to Rejuveniix for a safe way to come off stimulants.

Q: Do any ARIIX products contain HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid)?
There is no HCA in any of the ARIIX products.

Q: Does ARIIX use stearates in the products?
We do not use stearates in our products. Where most companies use stearates as flow agents we use rice bran, which not only avoids the potential health issues of stearates, but also provides beneficial phytonutrients and trace minerals.

Q: How long will ARIIX products last me?
If used daily with recommended use, the Nutrifii and Slenderiiz products will last you about 28 days.

Q: How much caffeine is in Rejuveniix?
There is 100 mg per serving of caffeine in Rejuveniix.

Q: How does ARIIX test for heavy metals in the ingredients and/or product?
Each of the raw materials are tested upon receipt, to make sure they meet physical, chemical and microbial specifications. This included heavy metals testing.

This testing is conducted by an ISO-accredited independent, third-party laboratory.

Q: Is the use of plastic in the handling/packaging of ARIIX products harmful?
The Puritii plastic bottle is made from medical grade silicone which is BPA-free and has no hormone disrupting chemicals in it.

Our Nutrifii bottles, including MOA, are also BPA-free and do not interact with the product.

Reviive bottles have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that there is no leaching from the plastic into the product.

Q: Is there nickel in any of the products?
There is no known nickel in any of our products.

Q: What are the capsules made of?
We use a pharmaceutical grade animal (bovine) gelatin. This is an optimal capsule material with a measured dissolution rate (how long it takes to dissolve in the body). Our capsules are certified BSE/TSE free. Currently, the only markets with vegetarian capsules are Taiwan, Japan, and Korea due to regulations and a very high demand. If the demand should every rise in any of our other markets, we would consider expanding this option to these areas as well.

*Vegans/Vegetarians: Open capsules and pour contents into a shake or mix with food or beverage and throw the capsule away.

Q: What products are recommended for pregnant women?
The following products are recommended by ARIIX experts for pregnant women:

Optimals V&M
Beauty Boost
Power Boost

As always, please discuss any products with your physician before taking them while pregnant.

Q: Can the Nutrifii Supplements be used in place of prenatal vitamins?
Answer from Deanna Latson, Chief Product Officer:

Our supplements (specifically Optimals V&M, Omega-Q, Vinali, and Magnical-D) are great prenatal vitamins. There is one exception, pregnant mothers will likely need to take an iron supplement. Our supplements do not have iron and pregnant women often need it. I recommend the brand Floradix vegetarian liquid iron. But be advised- it can stain your teeth, so drink it with a straw.

As always, please discuss any products with your physician before taking them while pregnant.


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