Pulse Band and Pulse Web CM2-Technology

Eight years of research and testing CM2 continues to uncover new benefits.

We know the human body is amazing, and you'll reach your health and nutritional goals faster when your cell health is at optimum energy levels.

Healthy cells need the proper nutrition and oxygen to perform at peak levels. At PartnerCo, we formulate "best-in-class" supplements targeted to optimize with the CM2-Technology. You're worth it!


PulseBAND with CM2-Technology

CM2 Pulse Band
Pulse Band CM2 Technology
CM2 Band
Pulse Band and Pulse Web CM2-Technology 1

Take time and do your research and think about why there have been over 3,000 medical studies about the health benefits of pulsing energy fields on the body. You will find studies by NASA and many of the premier academic medical institutions in the world. Cellular health is the key to lasting good health. 

The statements in this manual have not been evaluated by the FDA.  The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Always consult a licensed professional for medical treatment or concerns.

What Happens When the BAND is Activated?

• The BAND is designed to provide energy on a 12 hour cycle and then shut off automatically.
• The BAND will be ACTIVE for 7 minutes - the blue LED light slowly pulses while producing cm2 pulse technology. The Pulse Band will then REST for 23 minutes – a red light will glow, signaling the BAND is ON, but resting. This will repeat continually for 12 hours.
• After 12 hours the BAND will turn OFF automatically. A two-second touch and hold on the silver circle will activate the BAND again. If it will not activate, hook up to the charger for 2 seconds, remove and repeat.

CM2 Pulse Band

The Technology of the BAND

The BAND energy wave extends approximately 6” around the BAND and is often described as a cloud.The cm2 pulse primarily emits from the underside of the BAND, and the waves move completely through the area of treatment.

CM2 Band Waves

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Pulse Band and Pulse Web CM2-Technology 2

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Pulse Band and Pulse Web CM2-Technology 2
CM@ Body Web & Pulse Band
cellular boost technology
CM2 Body Web & Pulse Band

BodyWEB with CM2-Technology

Body WEB CM2 Technology small
Body Web CM2 Technology
Body Web CM2 Technology
Body Web CM2 Technology

Black is the newest version.

Body WEB CM2-Technology

The body WEB is perfect for the athlete or anyone who wants the benefit of the CM2 technology to target an area with maximum portability. It is perfect for home or on the go. 

unhealthy cells
Benefits of PEMF
healthy cells


Pulse Band and Pulse Web CM2-Technology 2


Pulse Band and Pulse Web CM2-Technology 5

DO NOT use the BAND if you have a heart stimulation device, such as a pacemaker or similar device.

DO NOT use the BAND if you are pregnant.

DO NOT use the BAND if you have a cochlear implant.

Before use, consult your physician if you are currently under care or treatment or have a chronic or life-threatening medical condition.

Not recommended for children under the age of 12; consult a physician.

Do not immerse in water. The product is water resistant, NOT waterproof.

Pulse Band and Pulse Web CM2-Technology 6
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