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Prodizia: A New Cutting-Edge Anti-Aging Solution

Prodizia: A New Anti-Aging Solution

What is Prodizia?

Prodizia: A New Anti-Aging SolutionProdizia, scientific name Albizia julibrissin, or popularly known as Persian silk tree, is a tree popular in Southwestern and Eastern Asia, and also in South America. It is known for a lot of names including the one mentioned earlier, Persian silk tree. It is also called pink siris and sometimes referred to silk tree or mimosa.

Prodizia is a small tree that grows from about 16-52 feet tall, with a broad crown of level or arching branches. The bark of the tree is dark, greenish-gray in color.

How is Prodizia used?

Silk tree flowersThe silk tree has various uses. It is usually planted as an ornamental tree in parks and gardens because of its fine leaf texture, flowers, and attractive canopy. Other forms of this tree are used as a non-traditional bonsai. The seeds of the Persian silk tree are used as food for livestock and by wildlife, while the flowers are good sources of nectar for bees and butterflies.

Aside from these things, it has been reported in various research that Prodizia has antioxidant, antitumor, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Other uses

collagenFor skin care, Prodizia is believed to protect against glycation. According to studies and research, glycation can destroy collagen. And we all know that collagen has a very important role when it comes to the suppleness of our skin.

In traditional Chinese medicine, Albizia julibrissin is used as an alternative medicine to keep the heart healthy and calm the spirit.

Benefits of Prodizia

Just like other plant extracts, Albizia julibrissin has antioxidant properties. It relieves stress and anxiety. Prodizia also improves symptoms of depression. It promotes good blood circulation, reduces signs of aging, reduces the risk of developing chronic, degenerative diseases. This plant can also help in digestive issues and lower cholesterol. It can treat inflammation in some parts of the body.

skin careThe Albizia julibrissin bark extract has antioxidant properties that are good for the skin. Prodizia is used for skin treatments. It helps treat skin conditions such as rashes, blemishes, and acne. The bark extract is also anti-inflammatory thus it can help in the treatment of wounds and psoriasis. It quickly soothes the skin and reduces irritation and appearance of blemishes.

Persian Silk Tree Extract for Skin Care

Studies show that when you are constantly consuming a lot of sugars, this can destroy the collagen in your body, and that includes your skin. When collagen in your skin is destroyed, this may cause your skin to age faster because the skin loses its elasticity. This process is called glycation. Prodizia has been tested and has shown results that it can fight against glycation in the body. Using Prodizia as a skin care regimen can help prevent the destruction of collagen and your skin, giving you a younger looking skin. It also helps in diminishing visible signs of aging, stress, and fatigue. The bark extract gives your skin a fresh, healthy glow.

Jouve Nourishing Night Cream – The Special Night Cream with Prodizia

Jouve Nourishing Night CreamAriix, the global leader in health and wellness now introduces its newest addition to the Jouve skin care sets. Ariix is taking Jouve to a whole new level with its launch of their newest product, the Jouve Nourishing Night Cream.

Jouve Nourishing Night Cream gives your skin a nighttime skin boost. Jouve offers your skin safe and effective support with the best ingredients, including Prodizia.

Bid goodbye to dark circles, under eye bags, and dull skin. Now you can say hello to a fresh, flawless and young looking skin every day.

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