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Oil Diffusers: Know your Own Device

Oil Diffusers: Know your Own Device
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Oil Diffusers: Know your Own DeviceAromatherapy is one of the well-known alternative medicines that has proven benefits for the healthy body, beautiful appearance, medication to serious illnesses and helps strengthen the immune system. There are different places and establishments that are using Oil Diffusers. This device is common in beauty salons, massage spas, exclusive specialty stores, real estate model units, as well as offices and houses, have one or more oil diffusers depending on their needs. Some have the expensive, modern types and others have the traditional design.

So, what are you using now? Do you know the features and benefits of your own Oil Diffuser device? Find out what suits you.

The Different Types of Oil Diffusers and their Advantages

Oil Diffusers: Know your Own DeviceThe Nebulizer

Recognized as the most powerful and the best form of Oil Diffuser because it is easy to utilize and it has a solid firm operation. But, this device is quite expensive compared to others. On the other hand, it is considered as the best investment to further improve health condition. This device works to atomize the essential oils, then diffuses and circulates the scent onto the air. Moreover, this a specific type of oil diffuser that utilizes the process of nebulization for evaporation. This process pushes the breakdown of essential oils into very tiny particles and needs a high speed, pressurized air flow with an exactly designed jet nozzle or faucet. The rate of evaporation is very fast and takes place immediately.

Oil Diffusers: Know your Own DeviceThe Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser

This type works almost the same as the nebulizer, only that this device uses water that makes the concentration of essential oils itself mild only. The effect of this device is a fine mist that can be inhaled safely and effectively. One of its advantages is that it can also be a humidifier suitable for winter or cold places. Also, this type of oil diffuser is not expensive compared to the nebulizer. However, citrus oils are not compatible with this type because it can cause corrosion on the ultrasonic part. Most of these devices have lights that cannot be turned-off. Furthermore, this type needs regular cleaning and maintenance.

Oil Diffusers: Know your Own DeviceThe Evaporative Diffuser

This device performs wind-blown diffusion which is a highly-regulated process. It requires a filter and a fan that causes the oil to evaporate quicker than the normal effect. Aromatherapy cannot increase its potency with this kind of device due to the division of essential oils that can cause a diminishing therapeutic effect.

Oil Diffusers: Know your Own DeviceThe Heat Diffuser

Heat Diffusers have similar functions with evaporative oil diffusers, only that it uses heat. The main disadvantage of this device is the oil evaporates quickly as it reacts with the heat and may not be able to maximize the therapeutic strength of the essential oil. However, this device is the cheapest and is a silent-type compared to other oil diffusers that use electricity.

The Superior Oil Diffuser Brand Made Perfectly For You

Natural. Powerful. Simple.Oil Diffusers: Know your Own Device

This is what PRIIME DIFFUSER is all about. With its partners, Priime Essential Oils – Ice, Calm, Escape and Sentry, nature and science will be in perfect balance.

One of the great creations of ARIIX, the global leader in health and wellness. Powerful, compact and easy to use, the Priime Atomizing Diffuser brings comfort to diffusing your favorite aroma. This one-of-a-kind device has a micro-fine mist and easy to change bottle attachments that will ensure and help you experience the full benefits of Priime. PRIIME DIFFUSER will surely bring you good health, beauty benefits and strong immunity from illnesses.

Nothing beats the amazing healing wonders of nature while enjoying the convenience of technology.

Only PRIIME DIFFUSER can do it all.

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To Maintaining Good Health,

The ARIIX Products Team
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