Restoriix by Nutrifii

{supports} Detoxification & Healthy pH through a restorative blend of zeolite, chlorella and superfoods

Restoriix features a combination of zeolite, charcoal, and nutrient-dense superfoods that attracts and removes free radicals and unwanted substances, balances pH levels, and supports healthy immune function while bolstering the body’s natural detoxification processes.

A natural cleansing supplement that promotes the removal of free radicals and heavy metals from our systems and help restore good health and vitality.

Contains Zeolite, offering a safe, natural and non-toxic answer to potential heavy metal saturated imbalance.

Pure food ingredient chlorella is a supreme antioxidant with the ability to bind to and remove toxins from your body, as well as support healthy cholesterol, blood sugar levels and immunity function.

Activated charcoal of willow tree bark acts like a sponge, attracting harmful presences within our bodies, bonding to them, and politely escorting them out.

Chia seeds provide an abundant source of omega 3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidant properties.

Restoriix by Nutrifii

28-day supply

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Dr. Marlisa Hurt, Holistic Rehabilitative Nutritionist

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Restoriix FAQs

Q: What is Restoriix?
A: Restoriix brings together activated charcoal, micronized zeolite, and chlorella to eliminate toxic elements and restore your body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients.

Q: What does it do?
A: Achieving a natural balance is essential for supporting your body and your health. With a proprietary blend of cleansing ingredients as well as nutrient-dense superfoods, Restoriix attracts and removes free radicals and unwanted substances from the body and helps restore the body's pH levels. Including Restoriix as part of your health and wellness routine will support your body's normal detoxification processes helping you to get back in balance.

Q: What are the key ingredients?
A: Zeolite:
•Supporting healthy immune function.*
• Helping the body remove free radicals and other unwanted substances.*
• Maintaining balanced pH levels in the body and boosting healthy alkalinity levels, which are essential for good health and immune support. A body with proper alkaline levels contains high oxygen levels, which supports the body’s natural defenses, as well as favoring the preservation of lean muscle mass, essentially slowing the aging process.*

• Supporting immune function.*
• Helping to digest food more efficiently.*
• Supporting healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels already within normal range.*

Other key ingredients include activated charcoal of willow tree bark, Organic Spirulina, Chia Seeds, Chlorophyllin, and Ginger Root.

Q: What is the recommended use for this product?
A: Mix one scoop (3.9 grams) per day with water or juice, preferably 1 hour before meals. For more intense cleansing, take one scoop twice daily. Keep out of reach of children.
(If you are pregnant, nursing, or have a medical condition, consult a physician before using this product.)

Warning: Due to the active nature of this product, consult a physician if you are taking prescription medi- cations. Allow two hours before or after taking any medications, since activated charcoal may interfere with the absorption of your medication.

Q: Are there any side effects to Restoriix?
A: Zeolite can cause some dehydration as unwanted toxins are removed from the body. For that reason, it is essential to be well hydrated when taking Restoriix. Drink at least 8-10 glassed of water a day. Drinks such as coffee, tea, and soda do not count. Restoriix also contains chlorella. Although no significant chlorella side effects have been reported in the medical literature, we have had several reports of gastrointestinal side effects with its use. It may cause mild symptoms such as gas, nausea, discoloration of bowel movements, cramping of the stomach, and diarrhea. These side effects will often dissipate on their own after a few days or by reducing the amount of the product. It is not known if Chlorella is safe to consume while pregnant or breastfeeding and those who are allergic to iodine should not consume it as it does contain iodine. Restoriix also contains activated charcoal that may cause discoloration of stools and possible constipation.

Q: Will Restoriix change the effectiveness of my birth control?
A: Research shows that Restoriix is very unlikely to affect the efficacy of birth control when taken according to package directions: 1 hour before or 2 hours after taking medication.

Q: When is the optimum time to take Restoriix?
A: Restoriix is more effective at detoxifying the body (removing past accumulated unwanted substances) when taken on an empty stomach. Taking Restoriix first thing in the morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, or right before bed are the most effective times, given that it is 1 hour before or 2 hours after eating any food.

Q: What is the optimal way of taking Restoriix to maximize its effectiveness?
A: For the absolute best results, Restoriix is most effective when taken on an empty stomach. However, you can take Restoriix with food if that is better for you. We always provide the most optimal methods of use first.

Q: Since Restoriix is a detoxifying product and eliminates substances from my body, can I take it with food or put it in a shake?
A: The negative ions in Restoriix are specifically targeted to track down the positive ions in your body, which are toxins and chemicals, and rid your body of these unwanted accumulated substances. Therefore, Restoriix targets only the "bad stuff" in our body and not the healthy, nutritious substances, which are also positive ions, from your diet or supplementation.

Q: Why am I advised to not take Restoriix with pharmaceuticals and medications?
A: Restoriix targets the unwanted substances in your body. Between fillers, binders, and preservatives found in many commercial pharmaceuticals, we advise not taking these two products at the same time so ensure the effecitiveness of your medication isn't altered.

Q: Can I take Restoriix an hour before I take the Slenderiix & Xceler8 drops and then eat breakfast, or do I need to follow the 2 hours before any medication is taken?
A: When taking Restoriix with Slenderiix & Xceler8 follow the guidelines of taking Restoriix one hour before or two hours after taking the Slenderiix & Xceler8 drops. The Slenderiix & Xceler8 drops are best taken 10 minutes before meals. When using the products in conjunction, take Restoriix one hour before using the drops for optimal results.

Q: Why do I have diarrhea taking Restoriix?
A: Restoriix is a concentrated green super food with ingredients such as chlorella. Many people who do not normally consume these types of foods can experience minor symptoms such as diarrhea. Try reducing from 1 scoop once a day to 1/3 scoop three times a day. Normally, the body adjusts within 1–2 weeks, if not, call your physician.

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