MOA — Super Nutritional Blend

MOA - Mother of All

Each tiny pouch packs a huge punch! Consider Moa® the ideal supplement to help the body reduce oxidative damage from free radicals, boost your metabolism and energy, and support your cardiovascular and immune systems.

MOA Supplement Facts


Moa’s formulation is unlike any other, with 36 of the world’s most powerful ingredients. Filled with genuine purees, extracts and juices, it’s by far the most unique superfood blend on the market today.


We carefully select the purest, most nutritionally dense ingredients free of allergens, gluten and dairy, with nothing artificial.


Thanks to our convenient, single-serve Go Pouch, you can enjoy Moa anytime, anywhere, making it easy to consume and easy to share!

MOA Certifications
MOA — Super Nutritional Blend 1
MOA — Super Nutritional Blend 2
MOA Pouch

Pack A Punch

Looking for a bit of superhuman strength to get through your day? Have no fear, Moa is here! Pack a Go Pouch in your briefcase, purse, backpack or gym bag and you’ll be prepared to combat the usual afternoon slump. With 36 superfoods, no average snack can compare to the nutritional benefits that one pouch contains.

Strong Wellness Defense

When used regularly, Moa helps the body reduce oxidative damage from free radicals and supports healthy digestion, robust cellular defenses and immune function.

Boost Your Lifestyle

Busy mornings preparing for a day at school or the office call for spicy, sweet Moa Go Pouches for the entire family. Pack a Go Pouch in your kid’s lunch, grab one to combat the afternoon slump, and take one to the gym for a nutritious post-workout snack. Specially formulated to support your health and your busy lifestyle, this proprietary blend is your superfood superhero on-the-go.


• Powerful, antioxidant-rich superfoods and superfruits

• Antioxidant-rich, nutrient-dense and low-glycemic ingredients

• Helps reduce oxidative damage from free radicals

• Patented Mycofusion™ cultivation process enhances immune-boosting abilities

• Boosts metabolism and energy

• Contains Bergavit® to support cardiovascular health

• Contains BioPerine® for increased bioavailability

MOA — Super Nutritional Blend 3

Superfoods Found in Moa

Feel better, look better and have more energy — all thanks to these superfoods in the pouch!


For centuries, mushrooms have been used to produce health benefits of immunity, energy and longevity. Moa’s superstar ingredient list contains a revitalizing mushroom complex, including maitake gold — ounce-for-ounce more valuable than gold — nigella seeds and a clinical dose of bergamot, all working together to amplify your body’s immune system to achieve superhero strength.


By sourcing exotic ingredients from around the globe, Moa provides the best of what Mother Nature has to offer, all delivered to your front door. Many of the health-supporting superfoods found in Moa have been used by ancient civilizations for centuries in cultures that prize longevity and wellness.

MOA — Super Nutritional Blend 1
MOA Ingredients


This exclusive, patent-pending blend of essential oils, culinary herbs and cultured compounds creates a revolutionary natural preservative system. This proprietary blend has been rigorously tested in the Moa formula and has proven to be incredibly effective against a broad spectrum of pathogenic bacteria and food spoilage organisms.



Dr. Strand talks about just one of the 36 ingredients in the video... Reishi Mushroom and its amazing benefits.

Quality you can feel with no compromise

  • No preservatives
  • Free of pesticides & contaminants
  • GMO Free
  • No artificial flavors
  • 100% natural and safe
  • Unique cold aseptic production without pasteurization and thermal stress
MOA — Super Nutritional Blend 1

Human Clinical Trials Confirm That MOA Ingredient MaitakeGold 404® Provides Safe and Effective Immune Support

MaitakeGoodl 404 Seal

BOUNTIFUL, Utah – ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxic-free living, is excited to announce that 3 years of clinical trials have confirmed MOA ingredient, MaitakeGold 404®, is indeed the gold standard for safe and effective immune support.

MaitakeGold 404® is a proprietary extract of Maitake mushroom, commonly known as ‘hen of the woods’ or ‘dancing mushroom’ and used traditionally for centuries as both a culinary and medicinal mushroom. Based on its potential for widespread therapeutic use in supporting immune health, a three-year, U.S. government-funded, multi-phase, human clinical study of MaitakeGold 404’s® immune-enhancing properties was initiated at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital, one of the world’s foremost medical research facilities.

This study demonstrated that MaitakeGold 404® is highly bioavailable while being safe to use when taken orally on a daily basis. In addition, this proprietary mushroom extract is effective in supporting immunity while limiting inflammation that can be associated with a healthy immune response.

MOA, a liquid superfood supplement that is part of ARIIX’s Nutrifii line, is composed of a proprietary blend of 34 nourishing fruits, berries, spices and mushrooms from around the world – including MaitakeGold 404® – that are valued for their health-promoting properties.

“We are very excited to share this news with our community,” said Deanna Latson, ARIIX Chief Product Officer. “We insist that the ingredients used in our products are of the highest quality. MaitakeGold 404® represents the gold standard among clinically tested immune support ingredients, and we are proud to offer its benefits to our customers as part of the MOA formula.”

MOA 2.0 Pouches
One Box of 30 MOA Pouches
2 Boxes of MOA 2.0 Pouches
Two Boxes of 60 MOA Pouches
4 Boxes of MOA 2.0 Pouches
Four Boxes of 120 MOA Pouches
MOA — Super Nutritional Blend 6

Let us tell you more about some of the key superfoods:


  • Clinically proven to reduce cholesterol, LDL cholesterol and triglyceride in an Italian study in 2009
  • Supports healthy level of blood glucose
  • Clinical dose presents in MOA
  • Not in any other juice

Maitake mushroom

  • Promotes healthy immune function and cellular defense
  • Clinical dose presents in MOA
  • Patented form of Maitake

Nigella seed

  • 'Blessed seed' in Asia - more than 200 studies document its function in improving circulation, digestive and immune system
  • Clinical dose presents in MOA

Cordyceps mushrooms

  • Increase immune support and cellular defense a fungus highly valued in China as a tonic food

Curcuma (Turmeric root)

  • Reduces inflammationStudy of turmeric root extract has documented its anti-inflammatory activity especially in joint


  • Reduces effect of UVA radiation & pigmentation -> whitened skin & less freckles
  • Study shows pomegranate contains 90% ellagic acid that inhibits the proliferation of melanocytes and melanin synthesis by tyrosinase in melanocytes
  • Rich in vitamin C, K, antioxidants, fiber

Acai berry

  • Rich in antioxidants, polyphenolic anthocyanin compounds , phytosterols, vitamin C, minerals, amino acids, fiber, heart healthy fat

Gogi berry

  • Good for eyes
  • Rich in β-carotene, other carotenoids & zeaxanthin


  • Rich in xanthones, vitamins, minerals, copper, manganese, magnesiumHelps to metabolize protein and carbohydrates


  • Black pepper extract - Increase the absorption of all nutrients such as vitamin A, B6, C, CoQ10, selenium, curcumin, acetyl glutathione & other phytonutrients
  • Supports digestive health, immune function & helps to enhance mood


  • Rich in minerals, protein & fiber Noni Rich in fiber, protein, iron, vitamin C, calcium, zinc, niacin
BSCG Certified Drug Free
This is the 1st Generation of MOA in the Bottle.

MOA — Super Nutritional Blend 7


Q: What does Moa do?
A: When used regularly, Moa helps the body reduce oxidative damage from free radicals and supports healthy digestion,robust cellular defenses and immune function.

Q: What are the key benefits of Moa?
A: Thanks to a powerful combination of antioxidant-rich, nutrient dense, low-glycemic ingredients, Moa provides antioxidant protection, supports healthy digestion and offers whole-body support.

Q: What are the key ingredients in Moa?
A: Ingredients include:
• Bergavit®
• Shiitake mushroom
• Agaricus mushroom
• Lion’s Mane mushroom
• BioPerine®
• Proprietary superfruit blend

Q: How are the mushrooms in Moa grown and harvested?
A: The mushrooms are harvested using a patented fermentationprocess called Mycofusion™. Mushroom mycelium is grown naturally on deeply pigmented, purple corn “supergrain”kernels which contain very high levels of anthocyanins. This highly controlled and standardized process ensures that key nutrients from the corn are absorbed by the mushrooms through a novel fermentation process, resulting in totally proprietary nutraceutical ingredients with a wide range of health benefits.

Q: What is Bergavit and why is it in Moa?
A: Bergavit is a standardized extract form of Bergamot citrus, a nutraceutical extract that supports the cardiovascular and immune systems. It is the most concentrated form of Bergamot available in North America and has been shown to support cardiovascular health.How should I take Moa?Because Moa comes in a convenient, single-serve Go Pouch, you can simply open and enjoy. Consider adding it to fruit juice or your next smoothie.

Q: How long does Moa remain fresh after opening?
A: Each Go Pouch contains one single serving. We recommend consuming the contents all at once. If you must save your pouch, please consume within 24 hours for best results.

Q: How do I store Moa Go Pouches?
A: You can keep them in the refrigerator to chill or in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

Q: How many Moa Go Pouches are in one box?
A: There are 30, 1.7 fl. oz. Go Pouches per box.

Q: What are the Go Pouches made of?
A: The pouches are made of a foil laminate and greatly reduce our landfill footprint.

Q: What is the recommended dosage of Moa?
A: Drink one pouch (1.7 fl. oz.) one to two times daily.

Q: Can I take Moa if I am allergic to one of the ingredients or am taking medication?
A: Always consult a healthcare physician prior to beginning any new dietary supplement if you have allergies or are taking medication.

Q: Can I take Moa if I am pregnant or breastfeeding or have a medical condition?
A: Always consult a healthcare physician before beginning any new dietary supplement while pregnant or breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition.
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