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Natural Skin Care: Finding Your Best Partner

Natural Skin Care: Finding your Best Partner
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Nowadays, most people prefer to have natural skin care. Everyday people do their best to look good physically. And our skin is the number one thing others get to see first when you present yourself. Thus, skin care is vital. Moreover, people are looking for natural ways of skin care.

On a daily basis, the average person slathers, lathers, rubs, and sprays. Like almost ten different skin care products on your body are applied daily. Your skin acts more like a sponge than a barrier. Hence, you get to absorb nearly a hundred chemicals you regularly expose yourselves to. Consider that the average woman wears makeup every day. And you begin to understand how a little dab here, and a quick spray there begins to add up. The fact is, no one really knows how certain chemicals affect you over time. Even on how these chemicals react in your bodies in combination.

By and large, chemicals found in beauty products can be damaging throughout your entire life cycle. Everything could affect you. It starts from the way they are produced and used by consumers. Down to the methods of their disposal to the negative impact on the environment affects you.

Natural Skin Care

Purchasing skin care products can be tricky these days, with so many different options available. There are endless and hard-to-pronounce ingredient lists on every face wash or lotion package. These make you more unsure in deciding which one to buy. Thus, you surely want to keep an eye on what is being added to your products and your skin reaction.

When looking for skin care products, follow the same rule that you follow for a healthy diet. Number one, hunt for unprocessed ingredients. Choose those without any harsh chemicals or anything artificial. Basically, the closer to nature the natural skin product is. The more your skin will know what to do with its beneficial ingredients in order to improve your skin’s health.

So what does this mean for your beauty routine? The good news is that there’s still plenty of natural ways to make your skin look their best with the use of nature.

Skin Care Products from Nature

You can reinvigorate your beauty routine by trying the following natural skin care products. These can be easily found in grocery stores or even in the comfort of your home.

1. Coconut Oil

One of the most versatile skins and even food ingredient ever existed is the coconut oil. For the skin, it strengthens underlying epidermal tissue and removes dead cells. It also protects you from sunburns and contains antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and antiviral properties. Research shows that coconut oil also fights chronic skin diseases.

You can use coconut oil on both your skin to aid in cleansing and moisturizing. It can also be used in removing makeup, healing wounds and scars and preventing burns from razors.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar

One you can surely find easily is the extremely versatile, Apple Cider Vinegar.  At the same time, it is an inexpensive natural skin care product you can use. It helps in killing pathogens like bacteria. It also clears skin problems, helps stop acne and provides antifungal properties. In fact, it can be a detoxifying agent too when consumed internally. It contains highly beneficial acetic acid and certain vitamins like magnesium and potassium.

3. Avocado

A yummy and nutritious fruit can be a helpful product for skin care too. Avocado is an ultra-moisturizing fatty fruit that contains vitamins A, D, and E. These vitamins are able to penetrate the skin. It helps soothe sunburned skin. Avocado also boosts collagen production and treat age spots. It reduces skin inflammation when applied topically also when eaten.

4. Raw Honey

Raw honey is one of the best natural sources of nutrients, enzymes, vitamins, and skin-boosting acids. It is an unheated, unprocessed and unpasteurized version of honey. It is more recommended than most kinds of honey which are widely sold. Due to its rawness,  it has kept all of its nutrients intact as they’re not destroyed by processing.

Raw Honey makes a great homemade natural skin care product. You can use it to heal bacterial infections, psoriasis and more. Raw Honey is particularly suitable as a dressing for burns and wounds. It is also good to use as an acne cure. You can use it as a facial cleanser whether you have the most sensitive or mixed skin type, no need to worry.

It helps in reducing breakouts too. Raw Honey provides moisturizing properties and contains antiseptic qualities. It quickens wound healing, fights rashes and allergies. And aids in reducing scars.

Alongside these skin products from nature, you can get the best partner for your skin care in the market too. As it has always been told, “Two heads are better than one”, in skin care “two products are still better than one.” Why? Because it will surely give you optimum results.

Your partner in natural skin care: Jouvé by Ariix

ARIIX, the global leader in health and wellness helps you in your natural skin care regimen. Each of their products has been masterfully crafted to deliver visible results. They aim to maintain the skin’s natural functions and protect and condition of the skin. All these without adversely affecting your long-term health in any way. With Ariix’s overall mission of creating safe and effective products, they bring you Jouvé.

Through revolutionary skincare products that are driven by results, Jouvé unlocks your natural skin glow. With the combination of pure, safe and effective ingredients, you’ll instantly look and feel your best. Jouvé creates products that don’t pose a health risk in any way. It harnesses only the safest and most effective ingredients.

Jouvé products

Jouvé products are guaranteed to be safe, effective, therapeutic and multi-functional.

1. Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum

The Jouvé Instant Tightening and Restoring Serum helps in smoothing and minimizing the appearance of fine lines. This serum fights time’s most noticeable attribute with its natural ingredients you can rely on. The depth of your wrinkles and the size of your pores will effectively decrease. Your restored look of youth will be noticeable too. Even under-eye puffiness vanishes within seconds for a more rejuvenated appearance.

2. Dark Spot Corrector & Brightening Cream

The Jouvé Dark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream is one of the most effective brightening agents in the world. It corrects, evens, hydrates and nourishes for a beautifully youthful looking skin. Multi-functional extracts such as pure botanicals and natural essences refresh the skin. These ingredients also visibly improve dry and rough areas. It then gives your skin a smooth look and feel. It also moisturizes and protects your skin from the harsh effects of one’s environment.

3. Nourishing Night Cream

The Jouvé Nourishing Night Cream provides your skin with a nighttime skin care boost. Every night, your skin undergoes an essential restorative process. With this night cream, your skin gets a 24-hour safe and effective support when used as a comprehensive regimen.

While many skin care and cosmetic options can be harmful and contain toxins, these Jouvé products are nothing like such. Meticulously created, Jouvé products do not use harsh ingredients. These harmful ingredients might pose a long-term health risk. Each product absolutely reveals visible and true results that customers enjoy.

On top of visible results, Jouvé’s products contain ingredients that nourish and protect the skin. Jouvé helps in restoring your skin’s radiance and health despite the cosmetic chemicals building up in your skin.

And the best thing is, you don’t have to buy different products for expected current results. Designed to fulfill more than one function, Jouvé products offer multiple benefits. It’s all in one package. They are indeed the best to partner with your natural skin care products.

Bring out the truth of your being because nothing is more beautiful than the true you.

Start unleashing the beauty within now. How? Check Jouvé products and learn more.

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To Maintaining Good Health,

The ARIIX Products Team
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