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Natural Skin Care Tips to follow in Winters

Natural Skin Care
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Winter is coming, we are all excited thinking about playing in the snow while throwing snowballs at your friends or building a snowman with your siblings. Before thinking about that, you should look after yourself first.

Winter can have bad effects in our body, especially our skin. Natural skin care is a must in this kind of situation. Sometimes you will fee itchy or sometimes it gets dry or dull to look at. What is the first thing we do? Look for menthol creams or moisturizers. These are good solutions also but there’s a better way to end your worries.

Why not try these below natural skin care tips for you?

Natural Skin Care Tips to follow in Winters 1

1. Drink lots of Water

Water is your best friend. Keep hydrated to avoid dry skin during winter season. Drink a lot of water as possible, thirsty or not. You can stay hydrated also by eating watery fruits such as watermelon, oranges, and apples or watery veggies like carrots or cucumbers. By this, your skin will maintain its glow. Make “drink lots of water” as your daily habit even after winter months.

2. Lukewarm water for face wash

Hot showers are not recommended to save you from cold days. It can dry your skin and can develop winter eczema. It is much better to use lukewarm water for shower, especially for facial wash – it can avoid removing away oil from your skin.

3. Moisturizer – Right for you

After the wash, immediately apply moisturizer to your skin. It helps to keep your skin intact. Just don’t buy any moisturizer products you see. You need to know what is the right product for you since all of us have different skin types. Also, There’s a different type of moisturizer products you can choose from – some are for the summer season, winter season etc. It is much safer to choose a product that has organic, natural and nourishing ingredients.

4. For Natural Skin Care Keep your skin protected

Your effort to protect your skin at home will be worthless if you don’t know how to protect it outside. Always wear caps, gloves, and scarves when you’re stepping out of your house. Don’t forget also to apply sunscreen lotion to any exposed areas since winter sun can also damage your skin. Winter sun is just the same with Summer sun.

5. Don’t forget the hands and feetNatural Skin Care Tips to follow in Winters 2

Sometimes we focus too much on our face, forgetting the other parts of our body. Our hands and feet are exposed also, as much as our face do. The skin in our hands and feet are thinner compared to other parts of our body, that most of the time causes cracks, itchiness, and dryness. Apply moisturizer and make sure to exfoliate the skin of your hands and feet.

6. Time to change your cleanser

A cleanser can make your skin extremely dry. Instead, find a cleanser that contains moisturizing ingredients. Cleansers usually contain glycolic or salicylic acid, if you are used to it, try to change into a moisturized one.

7. Follow your Natural Skin Care routine

Don’t stop on your skin care routine even during winter season. You must be more overprotective during those days to maintain your happy skin. You can try some basic daily routine.

– Wash your face in the morning and before going to bed
– Apply a daytime moisturizer after washing your face in the morning
– At night before going to bed, apply an overnight cream

It is better to apply moisturizer quickly after washing your face since it absorbs moisture better.

Natural Skin Care Tips to follow in Winters 38. Eat Healthy Foods

Eat nutritious foods like fruits and vegetables to keep your skin healthy. We better watch out of what you are putting in your mouth. Too much caffeine and too much alcohol can dehydrate you that makes your skin dry. Remember, there’s no need to avoid eating fruits and vegetables.

There are so many natural skin care tips to follow on how to take care of our body. But the most important thing is you know what is right for you or not. As I mentioned above, we all have different skin types so maybe what is good for you is bad for the others. Jouve is the safest and most effective skin care products for you, click here to learn more.

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