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It's In Our DNA!

DNA testing (Predictive Genomics) is at the core of what we do. It is the key that allows us to create personalized products and services, designed to help you feel and perform better, look younger and live longer.

We believe in empowerment - by personalizing life’s most meaningful choices and decisions and putting them in your hands. Giving you the tools you need to thrive and achieve wellness in today's world and in all aspects of your life.

After many years in the making, MaVie was launched in 2018 by founder and CEO, Abboud Barakat, and his esteemed scientific team. MaVie is a pioneering DNA consumer genomics company that uses proprietary, cutting-edge science, including artificial intelligence and proprietary cloud-based technology, to provide dynamic DNA-based personality and inborn talent reports, in addition to personalized meal plans, fitness routines and skincare products.

MaVie tests more than 300 genes to provide accurate information on personalized wellness, which is more than the competitors. MaVie uses its proprietary technology and artificial intelligence for the interpretation of DNA testing to provide DNA wellness reports. Also, MaVie has developed dynamic, tailor-made meal and fitness plans as well as specially formulated skin care and supplements.

MaVie offers DNA testing that generates personalized nutrition, fitness, skincare and personality reports that are complimented by personalized DNA meal and fitness plans, skin care and supplements.

Once you receive your DNA Test Kit, you collect your DNA sample by using two buccal swabs which you swab on the inside of your cheek. You then send the sample to our lab after you have registered it. The lab performs DNA analysis which we then have interpreted by our proprietary artificial intelligence. You will then be provided with your personalized reports, products and services.

MaVie is currently operating and growing in Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Cyprus, Greece, Sweden, South Africa, the United States and United Kingdom. MaVie is now a ARIIX company and will explain in to all of our markets in the near future.

Your Life is Determined by Two Things…


“The way you can view this, is that your genetics ‘load the gun’…
But your environment and lifestyle choices are what pulls the trigger.”

— Dr. Marios Kambouris Ph.D FACMGG

Your Life is Determined by Two Things…
dna wellness + dna lifestyle
Take your first step into a new life
ariix dna wellness

Your genetic blueprint and cutting edge personalized products to help you look and perform your best.

ariix dna lifestyle

An expanding range of personalized services such as holistic wellness retreats, fitness, shopping, and rewards to enhance your lifestyle.

Enter a worldwide community that is living life…Only better!

How MaVie DNA Wellness Works...


Step 1: Order

Order your easy to use DNA kit!


Step 2: Swab

Swab your cheek and order your reports!


Step 3: Unlock

Unlock DNA products that are personalized for you!

Our Mission:
Life Through Empowerment.

The MaVie Story...

Wellness goes beyond your physical and mental health – it encompasses your career, your relationships, and your sense of empowerment – indeed, it's everything that you are.

In 2011, we set out with one mission: To create a global community of people empowered with wellness in every area of their lives.

We undertook a multi-million dollar, 8-year research and development project, working with leading geneticists, dietitians, psychologists and sports scientists to create one of the world's most advanced predictive genomics brands: dnation. It is the flagship product and cornerstone of MaVie – and unlocks insights into your genetic makeup, that has an impact on all areas of your life. From your body's personalised nutritional needs to your personality and talents, your DNA profile provides a blueprint for how to get the best from your life.

We then designed a range of products and services that help you to personalise all these aspects of your life based on your DNA. DNA Wellness brings you personalised skincare and nutrition brands, and DNA Lifestyle provides you with the opportunity to take personalised trips, fitness, shopping and rewards, all anchored to your DNA results – to help you achieve wellness across all aspects of your life.

But we didn't stop there... We wanted to create a global community for our members, that would give them the opportunity to financially benefit from our products, as well as gain access to some of the best personal development and training the world has to offer. We created MaVie, meaning “My Life” in French, to combine Wellness, Lifestyle, Community and Finances all in one ultimate vehicle.

Since our launch in 2018, our brand has grown exponentially -we now have thousands of members in our global family, all linking arms and living more empowered and personalised lives, while also reaping the benefits of financial freedom.

From your health and finances to your personalised trips and shopping experiences, MaVie provides a new philosophy and toolkit to life that turns the traditional '9-5 working and living for the weekend' paradigm on its head. A philosophy that taps into a global trend for living an abundant, fulfilled life that is centred around personalised wellness – your greatest asset in an increasingly stressful world.

Discover the difference today – and make MaVie... Your life.

Two Brands. Infinite Opportunity.

The powerful combination of our two brands, MaVie and Dnation provides our customers with a complete wellness and lifestyle solution that is individually personalised to their needs, as well as being on a global scale. Traditional business strategies fall into two different overarching categories: B2B (Business to business) or B2C (Business to Consumer), however the combination of MaVie and Dnation has allowed us to break out of these moulds, and enter a brand new business model: ‘B2Me’ – a business that directly provides personalised products and services to the consumer that is based on their unique individual needs and desires. ‘B2Me’ and personalisation is the future of consumer products and is set to create a market disruption not seen since the invention of the internet. This gives our sales associates and resellers the opportunity to lead the pack in their markets with the 'B2Me' revolution, across multiple trillion-dollar industries. If you're an entrepreneur and want to be part of the B2Me revolution, contact us today!

What Is DNA?

Your genetic material, called DNA, looks like a long, twisted ladder. Each rung of the ladder is composed of molecules called nucleotides. These nucleotides are Adenine (A), Thymine (T), Cytosine (C), and Guanine (G). The nucleotides - like letters in words - are arranged in a specific order called a DNA sequence.

The DNA sequence creates your unique genetic code and your genetic blueprint. Your entire genetic code contains around 3 billion nucleotide pairs. 99.9% of your DNA code sequences are identical to those of every other person. Just 0.1% varies between people. That difference is what makes us UNIQUE.

What is DNA MaVie
What is DNA MaVie

Genes are small sections, or groups of these genetic letters that control the biological processes and physical attributes of your body, which we call ‘traits’.

As human beings we all have the same genes, but the combinations of letters that make up your genes vary from person to person, which is what makes us all unique. The variations in the genes are what we call ‘genetic variants’, and this is what our DNA testing examines.

Our reports assess your genetic profile based on the detection of specific DNA variants, which are associated with certain traits and biological functions.

Our Testing Process

How accurate is our DNA testing? Our CAP certified testing facilities (Dubai, USA) are proud to offer the highest level of microarray testing services available, powered by Illumina - the gold standard in DNA Analysis.

The analysis of your DNA sample is carried out using the state of the art next generation sequencing platform, ensuring the most accurate and reliable identification of the DNA variants tested. Our accuracy of testing is >99. 9%. The personnel handling the samples and performing the analysis, all have doctorate degrees in biology or in medicine, and experience of over 10 years.

DNA Test

We offer you more detailed DNA reports by examining more relevant genetic variants in our wellness traits, all backed by the latest scientific research.

Currently we examine more than 120 variants for ‘Nutrition & Weight Loss’, More than 30 variants for ‘Fitness & Sports Performance’, More than 70 Variants for ‘Skincare & Anti-Aging’, and more than 40 variants for ‘Personality & Inborn Talents’.

The genetic variants and traits we test are constantly being improved and kept up to date with the latest scientific research.

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