Not all days are created equal, so shouldn’t your energy drink be made to match? BLU FROG 2 ® has twice the kick of BLU FROG ® with a power-packed punch of wildly health energy.

Our exclusive BLU FROG ® Advanced Energy Blend is now enriched with powerful cognitive-enhancing nootropic supplements that keep you razor sharp and laser focused while boosting your mental clarity, creativity and drive.

When it comes to conventional energy drinks, BLU 2 outperforms the competition by leaps and bounds.

 Blu Frog 2 FAQs

What are BLU FROG ® AND BLU FROG 2 ®?
BLU FROG ® and BLU FROG 2 ® are wildly healthy, LIMU based energy drinks that help improve performance, endurance and concentration. Each can contains our exclusive BLU FROG ® Advanced Energy Blend that’s made with cutting-edge functional ingredients, including powerful nootropic supplements like L-Theanine and Acetyl-L-carnitine, which are known to provide longer-lasting, clean energy and cognitive clarity. They also include our proprietary Fucoidan infused, certified organic, non-GMO LIMU Seaweed Blend™.

What is the difference between BLU FROG ® and BLU FROG 2®?
BLU FROG 2® is a heightened version of BLU FROG® but with twice the natural caffeine, plus less natural sugar and fewer carbs and calories.

How much caffeine is in BLU FROG® and BLU FROG 2®?
BLU FROG® contains 80mg of natural caffeine from guarana seeds. BLU FROG 2® contains 160mg of natural caffeine from both guarana seeds and coffee beans for an even stronger boost of energy.

How big is each can of BLU FROG ® and BLU FROG 2 ® ?
Each can of BLU FROG ® and BLU FROG 2 ® contains 12 fl. oz. of ultra-premium liquid nutrition.

Is it safe for anyone to drink BLU FROG ® or BLU FROG 2 ®?
Though each are made from all-natural ingredients, we do not recommend drinking BLU FROG ® or BLU FROG 2 ® to women who are pregnant, children under the age of 12 and adults who are generally sensitive to caffeine.


NO artificial sweeteners
NO artificial flavors
NO artificial colors
NO high-fructose corn syrup
NO gluten


What does Acetyl-L-carnitine do?
Thought to aid heart and brain function, muscle movement and many other body processes, this ingredient helps the body produce energy.

What are nootropics?
Pronounced noh-ə-TROP-iks, they’re known to enhance cognitive function, keeping you razor sharp and laser focused while boosting mental clarity, creativity and drive in healthy individuals.

What does Taurine do?
Taurine is an antioxidant that offers numerous benefits, such as helping alleviate muscle fatigue and increasing exercise capacity.

What does Quercetin do?
Quercetin inhibits the breakdown of the adrenaline that your body creates naturally so you feel energized for a longer period of time without forcing your body to produce more adrenaline.

How many cans are okay to drink in one day?
We recommend drinking no more than two cans in one day.

Can I drink BLU FROG ® and BLU FROG 2 ® with other LIMU products?
We encourage you to incorporate them into your daily regimen with other LIMU products. Try drinking a BLU FROG ® or BLU FROG 2 ® before you work out, followed by a LIMU LEAN ® Protein Shake after your workout to rebuild your lean muscle tissue and help with recovery. Drinking the recommended servings of LIMU ORIGINAL ® is also highly beneficial to support your immune system on a daily basis.

How long do the effects last?
Though everyone is different and it depends on the level of activity exerted after drinking either a BLU FROG ® or BLU FROG 2 ® , the average length of energy felt is about four hours.

What is the sediment in BLU FROG ® ?
Crystallization in BLU FROG ® is sometimes the product of prolonged refrigeration, but it’s still safe to drink. Just give it a gentle shake before you pop the top!

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