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Lean Muscle For Women – General Tips

Lean Muscle For Women - General Tips

Lean muscleWhen it comes to building lean muscle or losing fat, it is important to note that every body is different from one another. There is definitely no specific lean muscle formula. The body differs from its composition and its limits. But when it comes to building lean muscle for women, there are general tips in order to achieve a fitness goal.
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Discussed below takes on the topic of how women can build lean muscle. If you’re a female who looks to attain such goal, read on, learn and apply these things! In no time, you’d be achieving your body goal.

How to build lean muscle for women

Lower carbohydrates

First off, when looking to have a lean physique, body fat percentage should be lessened. With this, it is important to cut down on carbohydrates. Lean muscle growth diet should be strictly observed. Cutting down carbs doesn’t mean completely ridding them from your diet but it means to consume lesser amounts of it. There are various resources on the internet which can help you in determining how many carbohydrates you need to consume. Many factors come into play in that equation.

There is a wide array of foods for lean muscle growth, however, there are those that you need to minimally eat. Foods that you should cut down would be cakes, pies, candies, specific fruits, and sugar. You can eat one of those when you are on your cheat meal. Too many carbohydrates in the body can lead to excess weight. So regulate and look over your carb intake.

Overall calorie intake

When you’ve searched for how much your carb intake should be, you might have already known how much your calories should be per day. Again in the process of being lean, you should be strict in your total calories per day.

You can eat many times per day but only in moderation. Some women who are fit eat 5 to 6 meals a day but those meals are carefully calorie counted. They do not go over their recommended daily intake.

Lean proteinGet more protein

Protein is part of any muscle building program. They are important to being fit because they are the most basic building blocks of the muscles. They aid in muscle repair, growth, and maintenance.

Consuming high protein foods doesn’t only bring one benefit to the body but it gives out various nutrients that nourish our system. It can come with fiber, vitamins, and minerals to aid in muscle development. High protein foods include chicken, fish, eggs, and beef.

Having good amounts of protein in the body can help in maintaining the amount of muscle you already have in the body.


When it’s time to sweat then it means it’s time to go all in. Do not go easy on your exercise or workouts. You are there to destroy muscles for them to grow bigger. Most people don’t know this fact. In the gym, you break down your muscles and when you rest and eat the right foods, the muscle grows.

Go for a weight wherein you can still perform a good form. Some women take on weights that are too light which gives no tension and restraint to the muscle. For the muscle to be broken down, it needs to feel a resistance and tension. So don’t go easy and train hard.

Limit your cardio

Some women stay on a treadmill for a good hour this will hinder muscle growth. Cardio help in losing body fat but too much of it can lead to muscle depletion. Do some cardio around 30 minutes with sweat really pouring out of the body; Some see it beneficial to separate cardio from lifting weights day.

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Know that when looking to lose weight or gain weight, building muscle is important and also a healthy way. Building muscle can be an indicator that you are reaching your weight goal nutritiously.

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To Maintaining Good Health,

The ARIIX Products Team
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