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Lavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Lavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits
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Lavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health BenefitsAre you having difficulties in getting enough sleep? Overstressed and often do over-thinking? Frequently bitten by mosquitoes and bugs? Also, are you suffering from external and internal diseases? Well, maybe you need some aromatherapy alternative treatment for your condition. Lavender oil is probably the answer to your problems.

Lavender oil is an extract that comes from the flowers of the Lavender plant (with a scientific name Lavandula angustifolia). The plant is a native herb originated in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. Lavender is popular for its delightful aroma and numerous health benefits. In fact, ‘Lavender oil‘ is considered as the most versatile among other essential oils.

Lavender Essential Oil Health Benefits

Calming PropertiesLavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Lavender oil is best known for its relaxing properties that help you get a good night sleep. Sleep is very important as it allows the body to completely restore and recharge itself. This essential oil is a treatment for insomnia and other sleep disorders. Thus, it helps regularize and normalize sleep.

Lavender oil is widely used to treat neurological problems such as migraines, emotional stress, anxiety, depression, and even nervous tension. In fact, studies showed that using this essential oil improves mood, removes nervous exhaustion, restlessness, as well as it gives a significant reduction in post-traumatic stress disorder and postnatal depression.

Anti-Inflammatory PropertiesLavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Lavender oil is a great insect repellent. It drives away mosquitoes, bugs midges, and moths. Also, it relieves inflammation due to insect bites. In addition, it prevents you from scarring due to irritation, scratching and itching associated with bug bites.

Furthermore, it helps alleviate pain like headaches, muscle, and joint pains. In fact, dermatologists recommend this in treating ‘acne’ and ‘eczema’. Also, it heals burns and cuts. Studies proved that this essential oil cures ‘canker sores’ and prevents allergies.

Antioxidant Properties

Lavender oil protects the body from the effects of harmful free radicals which can lead to serious illness. Also, it slows down the aging process and helps in the production of antioxidant enzymes like glutathione, catalase, and superoxide dismutase (SOD). Moreover, this essential oil helps prevent cancer.Lavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Internal Health Benefits

Lavender oil defends the body from diseases like Typhoid, Tuberculosis, and Diptheria. It has ‘diuretic effect’ that stimulates urine production. In addition, it improves blood circulation, aids in digestion, and treats diabetes. Moreover, it combats against respiratory diseases.

Different Applications of Lavender Oil

Body MassageLavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

This is the most effective way to use this essential oil for direct absorption in the skin down to the bloodstream that helps relieve the mind and the body. However, it is not advisable to apply undiluted lavender oil. Thus, it is necessary to use a carrier oil like coconut oil or vegetable oil. 5 drops of pure lavender oil to a 10ml carrier oil. Best used for elderly and babies.

Body Bath

Recommended for stress relief, relaxation and aching muscles. 6-8 drops of lavender oil to your bath with milk and salt to disperse the oil into the water. Soaking of the body will help you get the benefits of this essential oil.

VaporizationLavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Use ‘oil burner’ of ‘diffuser’ with water and add 6-8 drops of lavender oil. In fact, this is beneficial when you are not feeling well especially if you have colds and fever. Also, this is best for meditation, calming the mind, rest, and relaxation.

Warm Compress

This is good for treating muscle cramps, sprains or any injury. Soaking a face towel or a cloth in a bowl of warm water then with 6-8 drops of lavender oil. Squeeze gently the cloth then apply to the desired area.

The Ideal Essential Oil Blends for Complete Healing

Lavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health BenefitsIn our day-to-day activities, everything is really overwhelming. We tend to overthink and get overstressed which results in weakening of the immune system. Thus, we can be vulnerable to certain diseases and worst, cancer. Finally, modern science has collaborated with traditional medicine to address this alarming threat to everyone’s health.

ARIIX, the global leader in health and wellness industry came up with a product line that fits our desire to achieve a total health and wellness for both the body and the mind.

Priime Essential Oils, the most potent blend in aromatherapy.

Priime Essential Oils come with 4 different blends that suit your various needs. ICE-Soothing Blend, ESCAPE-Relieving Blend, CALM-Relaxing Blend and SENTRY-Defensive Blend. It comes with a fractionated Coconut Oil as an ideal companion to your essential oils.

Natural. Power. Simple. Only Priime Essential Oils.

To read more about the product, click Priime Essential Oils.

To Maintaining Good Health,
The ARIIX Products Team
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