Ketogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Weight Loss

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Ketogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Lose WeightObesity is the world’s greatest problem at present. This condition affected any age, gender, nationality and social status. There are a lot of slimming products emerged in the market, various workouts created and gym sprouted everywhere. Also, many diet plans came out to combat obesity, with or without actual research back-up. Fighting this metabolic disease has been a great challenge to every human being suffering from this medical condition. However, a unique diet plan created for the treatment of epilepsy was considered for weight loss. Is Ketogenic Diet the answer to this global pandemic?

All About Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Lose WeightKetogenic Diet is a primary therapy that is not using any medicine, designed for epileptic patients in 1924 by Dr. Russell Wilder at the Mayo Clinic. This diet plan is the most effective treatment for epilepsy, even before anti-seizure drugs was released in the market. Recently, medical practitioners and fitness professionals are eyeing this diet plan to treat obesity.

In a ketogenic diet, there is a higher consumption of fat, moderate level of protein, and intensively low in carbohydrates. In addition, it mainly works by decreasing the insulin levels, producing ketones (which are small particles that supply energy to the brain, a state known as ‘ketosis’ ), and increase the burning of fats.

Ketogenic Diet for Weight LossKetogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Lose Weight

According to research, there is strong evidence that ketogenic diet is effective for weight loss. The scheme is to help eliminate fats, retain muscle mass, and improve many indicators of disease.  In fact, medical studies showed that ketogenic diet is more superior that those other diet plans. Findings revealed that ketogenic dieters lose three times more than those calorie-counting diets. Therefore, the effectivity of Ketogenic Diet for weight loss is supported by medical evidence. It does not require calorie counting and gives you the feeling of fullness.

How Ketogenic Diet Helps in Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Lose WeightLimiting your carbohydrate consumption will decrease your food choices. Elimination of food will help you cut the calories in your intake which is essential to fat loss. Also, it helps suppress your appetite and gives you the feeling of fullness. Hunger hormones will have positive changes which include leptin ( a hormone that regulates body weight), and ghrelin (a hormone that regulates appetite, the distribution and rate of energy usage).

Ketogenic Diet requires higher protein intake which is beneficial for weight loss. Moreover, this type of diet plan applies Gluconeogenesis, a metabolic pathway resulting in the formation of glucose from a non-carbohydrate carbon element. The body turns protein and fat into carbohydrate to energy which will burn additional calories every day.Ketogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Lose Weight

Improvement in insulin sensitivity is one of the many results of this diet plan. It enhances fuel utilization and metabolism. In addition, it decreases fat storage and increasing the burning of fat. With this type of diet plan, there is a reduction in the process of converting sugar into fat called ‘lipogenesis’. the best advantage is the quick increase of a number of fats burned while doing the daily activity, exercises or even while resting.

The Perfect Dietary Supplement for Weight Loss

Ketogenic Diet: A Unique Way to Lose WeightClinical studies proved the effectivity of ketogenic diet for weight loss. It may give amazing results if you adhere to it. However, this diet plan may not be suitable for everyone. Even so, there is a weight management solution that is a great option for everybody.

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