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Hypertensive Heart Disease: Learn More About It

A hypertensive heart disease is believed by many as the number one cause of death relating to high blood pressure. This heart disease pertains to a cohort of disorders that includes heart failure and ischemic heart disease. Part of this group is also the condition wherein there is an excessive thickening of the heart muscle.

To counter such disease, it is important that we get to know more about it. Further discussed would be its types and the people at risk of for such disease.

The different types of hypertensive heart disease

coenzyme Q10First off, hypertensive heart disease definition refers to various conditions caused by high blood pressure. High blood pressure then relates to different arteries and muscles in the heart. A type of this disease would be the narrowing of arteries. Coronary arteries carry blood to the heart muscle. When high blood pressure occurs, the blood vessels become slim. When blood vessels tend to tighten up, the blood flow directing to the heart can slow down or be stopped completely. This condition is called coronary heart disease or CHD. Some professionals call it as coronary artery disease.

This condition puts great stress on your heart. If this happens, the heart’s function can be affected which then makes your other organs affected as well. Having CHD can increase the risk of developing heart attack due to a blood clot. This blood clot gets stuck in one of the tightened arteries which can cause to stop blood flow to your heart.

Another type occurs when high blood pressure makes the heart work harder. Elevated levels of blood pressure can make the pumping blood be hard for the heart which should be easy for it. Too many complications in the body can make the heart muscles grow and thicken. When such condition occurs, it affects the pumping of the heart, specifically the left ventricle. This condition is called as left ventricular hypertrophy or LVH.

Coronary heart disease can enable the heart to develop left ventricular hypertrophy. It also works the other way around.

Having CHD, LVH or both in the heart can lead to heart failure. Why? Because the heart is not able to pump out enough blood anymore. Those conditions can lead to the heart beating irregularly. They can lead to stroke, cardiac arrest and heart attack.

hypertensive heart diseaseWho are the people that can develop these a hypertensive heart disease?

Since you already know that criteria for hypertensive heart disease relate to having high blood pressure, people who are overweight can develop such conditions. People who don’t spend too much time engaging in physical exercises. The ones who constantly smoke and drink high amounts of alcohol and those who consume high cholesterol foods that have high numbers of fat in them.food-eating-candy-chocolate

To avoid such conditions, there are multiple management of hypertensive heart disease. Avoid those activities and start engaging in a healthy lifestyle. Nothing has a bigger and more satisfying return than investing in your health. Doing exercise, living a healthy lifestyle and eating nutritious foods can greatly benefit the body in both short and long term. As people would like to take care of their heart via the foods they eat, some choose to ask help from supplements.

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