Fat Burning Food: Weight Loss Without Starvation

Almost everyone loves to eat. The only problem is maintaining a slim body while consuming what the taste buds ask for. If only we are conscious of the food that we put inside our mouth. There are different specific types of food that can cause thermogenic effects on the body which will help you burn fats as soon as you consume them. Let’s find out what are the amazing top 10 fat burning food you will surely love.

Top 10 Fat Burning Food

KaleFat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

This green leafy vegetable is not only the king of vegetables known for its superb nutrients but is also a great fat burner. It helps curb your appetite, reduce cravings, and flush out toxins from the body. Also, it aids in the detoxification of the liver to improve metabolism. One of the fat burning food that will make you your salads even more.

AvocadoFat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

This alligator pair has a superior delicious taste and is one of the most popular fruits among dieters. The monounsaturated fat content of this fruit is a tough fat burner. This incredible fruit is full of antioxidants and fights leptin and insulin resistance. Furthermore, it cuts off your appetite and cravings by making you feel fuller. Included in the fat burning food list that you can enjoy as a dessert.

CoffeeFat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

Mornings are great for a cup of coffee. Hot or iced, this delightful beverage is one of the most popular in the whole world. It stimulates adrenaline that helps burn stored fats. Also, it controls fat storage hormones and regulates insulin. Adding milk will reduce its fat-burning ability. Coffee aside from being one of the fat burning food is also beneficial in treating other illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and heart diseases. One of the fat burning food that you can’t live without.

EggsFat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

Eggs are not only for breakfast but are also rich in protein as well as essential vitamins and minerals. But this food is very low in calories. It boosts metabolism and gives you the feeling of satiety. Thus, it reduces cravings and appetite to eat more.

Fatty Fishes (Tuna, Mackerel, and Salmon)Fat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

Fatty fishes are rich in omega-3 that aids in insulin sensitivity and melts fats in your belly. Omega-3 toughly activates the thyroid hormone to speed up metabolism.  Moreover, fatty fishes have higher protein content which controls the appetite and effectively burns stored fats.

Chili PeppersFat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

We love adding hot spices like chili on our pizza, sandwiches, and some dishes but do you know that chili is one of the best fat burning food? This spice contains capsaicin, a key chemical that makes chili possess this pungent characteristic and promotes thermogenesis in the body. In fact, this is the reason why Chili has the ability to burn fats automatically instead of storing it.

Green TeaFat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

Green tea is popular as a weight loss beverage in the world. It reduces bloating and curbs appetite. Green tea promotes energy production and improves metabolism. Also, it regulates sugar cravings and removes toxins from the body. Moreover, it is essential for digestive health and detoxification of the liver.

BananaFat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without Starvation

Banana is a popular fat burning food according to medical experts. This fruit is low in fat and high in fiber which helps treat constipation and regulates bowel movement. It prevents cravings and sugar spikes. Furthermore, it provides the feeling of satiety because it stops ghrelin, a hunger hormone and suppresses the appetite and controls cravings.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is naturally rich in protein and fiber which gives you the feeling of fullness for a longer time. It increases the body’s metabolic rate and regulates blood sugar with a low glycemic index which means there is a gradual release of sugar into the blood and slow digestion which decreases cravings and gives long lasting energy.


Consuming this citrus fruit lowers the insulin that regulates the blood sugar level and metabolism. It is rich in fiber as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Also, it prevents bloating and provides the feeling of fullness that will curb your appetite and reduce your cravings.

The Best Fat-Burning Dietary Supplement

Fat Burning Foods: Weight Loss Without StarvationFinally, now we know the various fat-burning food that we normally consume. Some if these food are our favorites but too much is always bad for the health.

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