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Fasting for Weight Loss – Is it Good or Is it Bad Practice?

fasting for weight loss

Nowadays, dieting is part of the norm.fasting for weight loss You aren’t labeled as weird or malnourished for being conscious of what you eat. In fact, having a consistent diet inspires other people to do diet as well. It may be because of all the produced foods and unhealthy fast foods that we eat daily, that encourages us to go back to the basics of eating healthy and having a diet. But others go to the extremes. They try fasting for weight loss. The question is, is it a good practice? Or is it a bad practice?

Fasting for Weight Loss: The Truth

Fasting is a practice. For some religions, fasting is holy. It is a very old age practice that can be traced even before Jesus was born. Nowadays, fasting is still being practiced by religious people. And surprisingly, fasting is being used as a dietary practice for those who want to lose weight. A lot have proved that fasting can totally make you lose weight, and is much easier than going to the gym every single day to make your body shed some weight. And yes, it obviously would make you lose weight because you don’t eat anything – only for short term. You don’t have anywhere to get carbs or cholesterol. But have you ever thought of what your health condition would be? It could even cause more harm than good.

Fasting Weight Loss Plans

There are many types of fastinfasting as religiousg. It can vary up to the limitation of food you can partake. There are fasting practices that only allows you to drink water or juices. Some allow limited types of solid foods. Some fasting plans? Nothing to eat or drink at all.

But come to think of it. Fasting comes from religious and cultural practices. They are done as acts of devotion and meditation. Fasting lasts for at least 12-48 hours. They aren’t intended to promote weight loss. They are intended as “sacrifices” as they are made to be holy acts.

If you undergo fasting without any experience. Your body might be shocked and will have some kind of withdrawal. Your body might go into hypoglycemia, having low blood sugar which causes you to have black-outs, or sometimes will even cause you to faint. It is high-risk especially for the elderly, anyone with chronic diseases, and pregnant women. Fasting isn’t advised for everyone because fasting is really high-risk.

Fasting for a couple of days most likely won’t bring you any harm. Except that it will make you feel less energized for there is nothing to burn, because you had nothing to eat. It will make you less energized. The real harm is when you fast for a prolonged period of time. (3 days to 1 month)

dehydratedReducing your calorie intake in a fast and high rate will make you lose weight. But it can harm your body. During fasting, your water intake is limited and it can cause you dehydration. Dehydration can cause many different types of illnesses. Fasting can cause muscle loss. Why? Because when you start fasting, your body goes into conservation mode, burning the fats, and when there’s nothing else to burn – it burns your muscles.

Also, after you fast, and go back to your normal routine. What happens in fasting for weight loss usually is that you gain more than you lost. This is because of the slower metabolism that your body got used to. And having to go back to your natural routine, your body will need time to adjust. And what you will gain is all fat, and you might need to work out or go back to the gym to gain back your muscles.

The Bottom Line:

Fasting strong-and-healthyfor weight loss is dangerous. It is a bad practice. Yes, you’ll lose weight. But you will also lose the energy, the strength, the metabolism, the muscles, and you will lose your health. What you can do is to stick to a healthy balanced diet. Work with it, work around it. It will make you able to do more things and be more. Always keep in mind that being healthy and strong is always better than being skinny and weak.

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To Maintaining Good Health,

The ARIIX Products Team
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