Enhance Mental Alertness: The Best Ways To Do It

Enhance Mental Alertness: The Best Ways To Do It

enhance mental alertnessIt is essential to enhance mental alertness. Mental alertness is something very valuable that needs to be taken cared of and maintained. Employees and students alike can feel exhaustion and poor concentration.

The human brain is responsible for most of the functions in our body, not just physical functions, but mental functions as well. Advanced reasoning, learning, thinking, planning, judgment, creativity, and all your thoughts all depend on the functioning of the brain. Just like any part of our body, the brain needs nourishment, stimulation, and rest. Yet, it is one of the most neglected organs in the body.

There may be times that we tend to forget things. In these situations, you may sometimes feel that it may be at the tip of your tongue but no matter how hard you try to remember, you just simply can’t. This can be quite frustrating. But you need not worry. There are ways to enhance mental alertness and improving your brain power to manage all the data you are trying to get.

Best ways to enhance mental alertness

sleepSleep. – Sleep is important to enhance mental alertness. When you get enough rest and sleep, your brain can function to its optimum potential. The brain can support memory and concentration activities. When we are learning or trying to learn something, the brain processes a lot of information, even when at rest. The brain constantly processes and stores information. And just like other parts of the body, the brain needs to rest so it can function properly. It is often suggested to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night.

Exercise. – Physical activities can also enhance mental alertness. Studies show that people who are lethargic have lesser brain-stimulating hormones for memory retention. Also, when you exercise, blood circulation is good, which increases the oxygen supply in the brain. When the brain is nourished with adequate oxygen, it can function properly.

brainFeed your brain. – Feeding your brain means learning something new. Add something new to your knowledge. You can read magazines, books, newspapers, or any instructive programs that can feed your brain with additional information.

Meditate. – Meditation can increase your focus and concentration, thereby enhancing mental alertness. Aside from this, meditation can also help in relieving stress, anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure.

Enhance mental alertness through your diet

Consuming a nutritious diet can also enhance mental alertness. Here are the best foods for the brain.

SalmonSalmon. – This is one of the most nutritious brain food. It has loads of omega-3 fatty acids that help keep your brain run smoothly, enhance mental alertness, and improve memory

Avocados. – This fruit is one of the healthiest ones out there, packed with vitamins and minerals and one of the foods rich in antioxidants. It contains monosaturated fats, or also known as the “good” kind of fat that helps regulate blood sugar levels and makes your skin glow, too. It also has vitamin K and folate that can help prevent blood clots in the brain and also improve brain function, specifically with memory and concentration.

beetsBeets. – Another super fruit that can enhance mental alertness is beets. Beets have anti-inflammatory properties and contain antioxidants that can help get rid of toxins in the body. The natural nitrates in this vegetable boost blood flow to the brain, thus helping with mental performance.

Blueberries. – It is one of the highest antioxidant-rich fruits. It contains vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber. It has high levels of gallic acid which help protect our brain from degeneration and stress. No wonder these berries are included in the list of superfoods.

Broccoli. – One of the best brain foods is broccoli. It contains high levels of vitamin K and choline which helps in keeping your memory sharp. Not only that, it also has vitamin C and fiber.

celeryCelery. – Aside from having few calories, this healthy vegetable offers a lot of benefits. best antioxidants is this vegetable, loaded with vitamins and minerals to enhance mental alertness.

Coconut oil. – The wonder oil that comes from the tree of life. Coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties that can help with memory loss related to aging.

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