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Contaminated Water: What Are The Causes?

Contaminated Water: What Are The Causes?

contaminated watercontaminated waterPeople are at risk by drinking contaminated water. They take in water every day because it’s important for their lives but they’re unaware of these risks.  It is already part of living and it is essential to the body. Water is considered as one of the most important substances on earth. It is a vital component to nature and humans. Without it, both can’t live.contaminated water

We use water in various ways. We utilize it when hydrating ourselves, when we take a bath, cook our meals, washing clothes, cleaning the house and many more. The most important usage of clean water when it enters our body. It is such because it helps in replenishing the organs and aids in flushing out toxins from the body.

But in today’s world with many factories that dumps its toxins or trashes to bodies of water; contamination seems to be easy for our water.

Causes of contaminated water

waste in waterwaste in waterWhat contributes to contaminated water is the abuse of lakes, oceans, rivers and ponds. Below is a list of the major sources as to why contaminated water exists.

Sewage and waste water. The sewage water brings with it harmful bacteria and various chemicals. These can cause illnesses and diseases. City sewages have a lot of pathogens in them which mean that it can bring serious complications to the body. A known major contributor to water pollution are pathogens. Substances in such water can bring deadly diseases. It can be a breeding ground other substances that bring harm to people.

Industrial waste. These industries create high amounts of waste that contains chemicals and pollutants. Both contributes to air and water pollution. Chemicals that come from them are very hazardous to the body. This is because they contain sulfur, mercury, nitrates and asbestos. They contribute a large amount of pollution due to their neglect of creating a proper waste management system. Their wastes are either placed on the air or go to their drainage. It then leads to fresh waters such as rivers.

Mining contributes to contaminated water as well. The process of such activity is digging a big hole underground and collects minerals. The minerals that they gather contain hazardous chemicals. When they come in contact with water, it can cause major health problems.

The burning of fossil fuel. It results to acid rain then harmful substances falls on to the big water banks. High amounts of ashes in the air are produced when fossil fuels such as coal or oil are burned. Those ashes contain harmful substances to the body. Those substances that are already in the air, if it is mixed with water vapor, it would lead to an acid rain.

Those establishments and activities are very evident in today’s world. Not only do they pollute the air but they also highly contribute to contaminated water. What was once a clean abundant substance is now polluted by various chemicals. Such type of water can easily go in our household. It is possible that it‘s the water that comes out from our sinks and bathrooms. Therefore, it is important that we fight such type of water.

Fighting contaminated water: Puritii Water Filter

Puritii Water Filter is proud to say that the power of safe, clean water is now in the palm of your hands. Unlike any purifier out in the market, it has a triple filtration technology.

The filter is able to remove high percentage of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and parasites in contaminated water. Puritii Water Filterpuritii_filter

The water filter is able to remove toxins and pathogens, which leads to having safe water to drink. It contains Aquaspear filter, ZeoSleeve filter and Activated Coconut Carbon filter.

These three filters, by working synergistically, can remove bacteria from any polluted source. It can filter out even the smallest microorganisms that can disease to the body.

To read more of the unique filter, click Puritii Water Filter.

To Maintaining Good Health,
The ARIIX Products Team

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