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In 2017, I was ranked #4 in North America out of all Representatives. This was achieved through product sales, team building and a few other criteria. 
In 2016, I was ARIIX's Premier Salesperson Award recipient. (see video below) I am always committed to offering you the best service when purchasing products from my website. 
If you have questions or would like to contact me directly, please complete the form or give me a call.
We are looking for people that would like to create a great income sharing these amazing products and business. If that's you, please click here.
Rick Billings

CEO Level in ARIIX

Independent Representative ID #10727

2018 ARIIX Partner Council Member

Orlando, Florida, USA

(407) 733-3502
(888) 850-6900 Toll Free

Skype: RBillings3​

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Power Ranking was created to recognize top performers for their leadership, achievements and business behaviors. This innovative approach will allow you to see how you and your team members compare in relation to Representatives in your state, country, region and all of ARIIX worldwide.

Rick Billings 2016 Salesperson Award
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Womens 3x Weight Loss

ARIIX was founded on the principles of integrity and always doing the right thing no matter the cost. ARIIX Representatives are a part of a global, tightly knit family that represents the best of what one can become. And it’s through this familial spirit that we are able to unite, make long-lasting friendships, and maintain a successful circle of influence so that together we can unleash our human potential for good.

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