Causes of Low Immune System

low immune system - moa

low immune system - moaIf you have a low immune system, you need to take good care of yourself.

Have you ever wondering why you get sick than others? Your getting colds often without any reason and feel that’s a bad thing. That is a big sign that you have a low immune system.

Your body absorbs viruses and germs easily that can lead to colds, flu and any other diseases. So how can we fight them? Here are a few causes for a low Immune System.

11 Causes of Low Immune System:

1. Unhealthy Diet

Poor diet can weaken your immune system. Too much consumption of highly processed foods and refined sugars can make you more unsafe chronic diseases.

2. Stresslow immune system- moa

People usually ignore stress, but this is one of the main causes why our body weakens. Chronic stress can lead to colds and flu, to more serious diseases like diabetes and heart problems. If you can feel stress, try to divert your attention to other things. Don’t think too much and relax your mind.

3. Excessive alcohol drinking

Excessive drinking of alcohol can decrease the ability of white blood cells to kill germs that can damage your immune system. Drinking less is okay but too much is bad.

4. Being Overweight

People who are overweight has weaker body than the others. They are easily affected by diseases such as influenza infection etc.

5. Lack of Sleep

If a person has difficulty in sleeping, the immune system have no chance to reconstruct. Because of that, the body weakens. Sleep with peace of mind and relax to have a better sleep.

6. No Exercise

Without any explanation, lack of exercise is a common cause of low immune system. Exercising helps improve blood circulation and can washed away toxic out of your body.

7. Lack of Hygiene

Lack of hygiene can expose your body from germs.

8. Taking medicines

Excessive use of medicines can weaken your immune system. The reason is antibiotics can reduce level of cytokines- this is the messenger of immune system.

9. Too much Smokinglow immune system - moa

Chemicals are present in cigarettes, so it can bring toxic to your body. Even secondhand smoke has the same with the smoker.

10. Too much exposure in the sun

Overexposure to the Sun can be bad to your health, it damages your immune system. It is good to get the morning sun as its a great way to get Vitamin D.

11. Dehydration

Water is vital to our health.  Drink a minimum of 8 glasses is a good practice to get the water your body needs every day. Dehydration can also affect your sleep and your energy.

Above are just a few causes why we are having a low immune system. There’s a solution for that! Just follow the below reminders to help you boost your immune system.

– Enough of sleep
– Manage Stress
– Don’t drink too much alcohol
– Go under the sun
– Immune-supportive herbs
– Drink plenty of water
– Eat healthy foods

Here is the list of healthy foods that can help you boost the Immune System:

– Garlic
– Mushroom
– Yogurt
– Astralagus
– Citrus Fruits
– Dried Fruits
– Green Tea
– Coconut Oil

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It is very important to take care of our body. Like the saying, “Health is Wealth”. We could not achieve our dreams and goals in life once we get sick. Don’t ignore common illnesses since it may lead to serious diseases. If you are having a problem to follow the above information, always seek help from the health experts.

We experience low immune system from common problems we have daily. We need to monitor our body and follow experts’ advice to maintain a healthy body.

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