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Causes of Hair Loss and Solution for it

reviive - hair loss
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reviive - hair lossJust thinking of the word Hair Loss, it will really stress you out.

Hair is one of our best accessories. If you do not know how to match your clothes or choose the best shoes for you, do not worry about.  It can change the appearance or look of a person, depends on the hairstyle.

What is the best way to think about how the hair grows healthy? Just look at your garden, full of healthy plants and colorful flowers. You can think what is underground that can help grow those plants healthy. But what are the causes of having bad hair condition like hair loss?

Causes of Hair Loss

1. Physical Stress

Any kind of trauma like severe illness, car accident or surgery can cause hair loss – even the flu. Experts say, that if you experience any stressful event, it will affect the growth of your hair. It can shock your hair cycle if you experience a very stressful scenario. As your body recovers, your hair will start growing also.

2. Pregnancy

Well, even though your hair is thinning, it is just temporary. It will grow back once your baby has been delivered. Pregnancy can cause hair loss temporarily since it is part of physical stress also. It is very normal, observe your hair months after you gave birth.

3. Lack of Protein

If your body lacks in protein, your hair growth will decrease also. Protein is not only for muscles, but it also helps to grow your healthy hair.

4. Heredity

Most of the time, if you have parents who have thin hair, do not be too shocked that you have too. Hair loss can be hereditary. Experts say that if you come from a family that started having hair loss at a certain age, then you will be prone to it. In men, it will be very obvious but for women, they will notice the part of their hair widening.

reviive - hair loss5. Emotional Stress

If there is physical stress, then there is emotional stress. Emotional stress like divorce, overworking, the death of a loved one, caring of aging parent etc. Emotional stress will be less likely to affect hair growth but it will still cause hair loss.

6. Low blood pressure

Due to iron deficiency, it will affect the growth of your hair also. Almost one in 10 women aged 20 through 49 suffers from anemia due to an iron deficiency. You thought that anemia is just one of the common diseases. There are symptoms of anemia – headache, fatigue, dizziness, colds hand, and pale skin.

If there are causes, then there are solutions for it. Check out the below tips on how to take care of your thinning hair.

1. Have a Healthy Diet

You need to consider your diet for overall health. Protein can help build the blocked tissues of your hair. What are the best sources of protein? Eggs, Fish and Milk. You also need to eat foods high in omega 3 fatty acids such as salmon and mackerel.

2. Take care of your Hairreviive - hair loss

How to do it? Be kind to your hair. Think of your hair as a fragile part of your body – especially for thin hair.

– Low the settings whenever you hair dries your hair.
– You need a break from dying your hair. Do not color it often. Wait for 2-3 months before you dye your hair again.
– If you use hair gel or hair spray, don’t wait for it to dry before you comb through it, because the hair will harden and be more likely to break.
– If your hair is still wet, use a wide teeth comb to brush your hair first.
– Avoid unnecessary hair straightening, curling, combing and brushing your hair using machines and tools.

3. Natural Remedies

There some natural remedies that can help you solve your hair problem. Some of them are:

Neem (Indian Lilac)
Aloe Vera
Chinese Hibiscus
Licorice Root
Methi (Fenugreek)
Coconut Milk
Greek Yogurt
Onion Juice
Green Tea
Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Reviive 2.0 Shampooreviive - hair loss

Nourishing essential oils, herbal extracts and hair-strengthening ingredients work gently to cleanse your hair and scalp while delivering a clean, refreshing scent. Reviive Shampoo is color-safe formula is completely free from harsh detergents, phthalates, sulfates, carcinogens, synthetic fragrances, and colors.

~ Rich, silky texture
~ Hydrating
~ Color safe
~ Sugar-based ingredients lather just enough to move easily through hair
~ Lemon-peppermint fragrance

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