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Slenderiix Program: Your Journey to Health and Fitness


Slenderiiz: Superb weight loss program Weight loss programs and products abound anywhere, offering fast removal of excess fats in the body. But since most products available in the market today may contain harsh chemicals that can give adverse side effects, you are not sure if the one you have just bought is no different. If […]

PureNourish Lemon Wafers—A Slenderiiz-approved Treat

Chef Nelda creates a Slenderiiz™-approved cookie from five simple ingredients. Each crisp, lemony wafer is nutrient dense, high in protein, and adds only four fat calories and 12-14 total calories to your daily total. Enjoy them with fruit, dip in herbal tea, or snack on them with a Slenderiiz shake for a quick pick-me-up. PureNourish […]

PureNourish Holy Mole Shake

Chef Nelda of ARIIX Kitchen on Facebook pairs up with Deanna Latson to create The Holy Mole shake, created with PureNourish. Chef Nelda brings an exotic touch of Mexico to the Slenderiiz kitchen with this aromatic shake. The Holy Mole Shake is rich with spices in a chocolatey carob base, with two types of pure […]

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