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Excellent Ways to Add Volume on Thin Hair

Reviive Shampoo - Thin hair

Having a healthy and thick hair can add to your fashion statement. Skinny or chubby, stylish or not, dark skin or fair skin – those are not really important. One of the important things that a guy will notice is your hair. Sometimes you are worried about having thin hair but it is actually normal. […]

Causes of Hair Loss and Solution for it

reviive - hair loss

Just thinking of the word Hair Loss, it will really stress you out. Hair is one of our best accessories. If you do not know how to match your clothes or choose the best shoes for you, do not worry about.  It can change the appearance or look of a person, depends on the hairstyle. […]

Reviive: How to Prevent Hair Loss for Women?

hair loss - reviive

Who hasn’t scared of their hair loss problem? Sometimes we already concluding that we have health problems that’s why we are experiencing hair loss. That’s not the only reason. We fear to see our comb having too much hair loss from you. But did you think that maybe you are doing some bad ways on […]

Whiter Teeth with Helpful Tips

Are you self-conscious to smile in front of others? You have a lot of worries, I know that! Teeth can add points to your appearance. If you have nice hair but not so good looking teeth, it will really affect your overall appearance. Teeth can make or break your looks in front of other people. […]

Effective Tips to Achieve Healthy Hair

Having healthy hair belongs to our fashion item. How can you be confident if you have a frizzy and dry hair? People will not just look at the brand of the clothes you are wearing, how unique are your shoes, how expensive are your accessories or how flawless is your skin.  Having a bad hair […]

Damaged Hair Treatments for Your Crowning Glory

Damaged Hair Treatments for Your Crowning Glory

As our hair is exposed to everyday chemicals and whatnot, it can be prone to damage. There are several damaged hair treatments that are specific to your needs. Hair can become brittle and dry to a variety of reasons. Common causes are excessive washing, application of harsh chemicals, exposure to harmful UV rays and even […]

White Tea and Its Major Health Benefits

White Tea and Its Major Health Benefits

In recent years, drinking tea has become popular because of its proven health benefits. There are various kinds of tea such as black, green, and white tea. ‘But what makes white tea different from the rest of them? What is White Tea? White tea comes from the sun-dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, the […]

How to Make Your Teeth White at Home With Simple Solutions

How to Make Your Teeth White at Home With Simple Solutions

The most important thing people want to change about their smile is the whiteness of their teeth. Nowadays, the crooked teeth and gaps are already accepted. But the color of the teeth? Still being looked at. How to make your teeth white? Because it won’t really matter if your teeth are crooked if they are […]

Unveiling the Secret Benefits of ‘Body Wash’

Washing the body or bathing plays a huge part in the human health. It proves a lot of benefits not only making the physical part clean, but it also helps us protecting ourselves from infections and illness. As a matter of fact, it also boosts one’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. Aside from the water, […]

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