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Oily Skin: Simple Solutions To Get Rid Of It

Did you know that a clinical study discovered that 75% of adult population are diagnosed with persistent acne and ‘oily skin‘? 54% of this population are women more than 25 years of age. Let’s figure out what is this skin condition and if it’s alarming. And, what can we do to avoid it? Reasons and […]

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Korean Skin Care Routine: New Regimen to Skin Perfection

In this period where ‘K-Pops’ become the latest craze and ‘Korean Drama’ has captured the viewers worldwide, it is very obvious why ‘Korean Skin Care Routine‘ now becomes the ‘sacred vessel’ or as a fundamental process for ‘beautiful skin’. Korean men and women gained high regards for their beautiful appearance and for having flawlessly white complexion. […]

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Skin Care: Health Radiating Outside

The ‘Skin’ is the largest organ in the human body and serves as the covering of the internal aspects. In fact, whatever condition happening inside the body will manifest on the outside appearance. Beautiful skin is essential not only as a presentation of a healthy internal well-being but also it is important for the psychological […]

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Dark Spots And The Dark Spot Corrector

The ‘SKIN’ is the largest organ in our body. It is composed of different layers to protect the body from microbes. Also, it regulates body temperature and allows to feel the sense of touch, cold and heat. Stress, pollution, free radicals and the unhealthy lifestyle are some of the factors that promote premature aging and […]

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What Is Vitamin D3 And What Are Sources Of It?

What does vitamin D3 do in the body? Vitamin D3 is also known as cholecalciferol. It is one of the five forms of vitamin D.  It is vital to the absorption of calcium in the body. The vitamin is used to prevent illnesses relating to the lack of vitamin D. It reduces the risk of having issues […]

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Benefits of Melasma Treatment

Women who are often exposed to the sun have the greater tendency of developing melasma, as well as those whose ages range from 20 to 50 years. What is Melasma? Based on clinical research, Melasma is a condition where a woman’s face has patchy brown, tan or blue-gray. You can usually see this on the […]

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