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Balance Your Life: 5 Tips on How to Achieve It

Don’t you just sometimes feel all burnout and having trouble managing the demands of your job and your personal life? Life balance seems to be difficult to achieve. In the fast-paced life that we live in, is there still time to squeeze in some relaxation? Read on and find out how you can balance your […]

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Oil Diffusers: Know your Own Device

Aromatherapy is one of the well-known alternative medicines that has proven benefits for the healthy body, beautiful appearance, medication to serious illnesses and helps strengthen the immune system. There are different places and establishments that are using Oil Diffusers. This device is common in beauty salons, massage spas, exclusive specialty stores, real estate model units, […]

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Lavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Are you having difficulties in getting enough sleep? Overstressed and often do over-thinking? Frequently bitten by mosquitoes and bugs? Also, are you suffering from external and internal diseases? Well, maybe you need some aromatherapy alternative treatment for your condition. Lavender oil is probably the answer to your problems. Lavender oil is an extract that comes […]

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Copaiba Oil: Healing Benefits from the Oil of Life

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicines aside from Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Acupressure, and etc. It is a form of therapy wherein ‘essential oils’ are involved in the process of treating and healing. One of the valuable yet not so well-known essential oil is ‘Copaiba Oil‘. Copaiba Oil is a type of […]

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Frankincense Oil: Healing Wonders from the Symbol of Deity

Ancient literature mentioned ‘essential oils’ for more than a hundred times. Several essential oils are mentioned 113 times in the Holy Scripture and one of these is the ‘Frankincense Oil‘, which was mentioned 17 times in the King James version. From the creation of man until the period of Jesus Christ, this essential oil is […]

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