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Chlorella Benefits – Restoriix by Nutrifii

Benefits of Chlorella featured

Chlorella benefits: Chlorella benefits, can you name a few? In today’s world, chlorella is one of the most valued resources of vitamins and minerals in the body. It is considered as a superfood because of that. It packs numerous vitamins and mineral. In countries like Japan, it’s the most used supplement in the place. One […]

Fight Aging In Your 40s: How Do We Do It

Fight Aging In Your 40s: How Do We Do It

Growing old is something inevitable, but how do we fight aging in your 40s? At 40, your skin may already show some visible signs of aging. But there are ways to prevent it. Skin care regimen to fight aging in your 40s Use a cleanser that has alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs. These AHAs can […]

Keep Your Cells Healthy For A Healthy Well-Being

Keep Your Cells Healthy For A Healthy Well-Being

Why is it important to keep your cells healthy and what is cellular health? Cells are the fundamental units of our body. Though they are the smallest components in our body, it is essential to keep your cells healthy. The cells in the body operate to make sure your tissues and organs are functioning properly. When […]

ARIIX CEO Fred Cooper Appointed as Honorary Professor At Top Chinese University


International Business Icon Dr. Fred Cooper Appointed as Consultant for Chinese Think Tank CAITEC and Honorary Professor at Top Chinese University -Acknowledgment Underscores Support for Chinese Economy and Young and Emerging Entrepreneurs- In a move that underscores the strength of his intellect and elite international business expertise, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) […]

Causes of Low Immune System

low immune system - moa

If you have a low immune system, you need to take good care of yourself. Have you ever wondering why you get sick than others? Your getting colds often without any reason and feel that’s a bad thing. That is a big sign that you have a low immune system. Your body absorbs viruses and […]

ARIIX R&D—Quality – Product Testing Part 3 of 3

ARIIX Chemical Testing With product testing, traditional chemical tests are often called “wet chemistry” or “benchtop tests,” and often involve using solutions of different chemicals to test products. Common traditional tests include pH (a measure of the acidity of a sample), Titration (adding a chemical to a sample until a color change reaction occurs to […]

ARIIX R&D—Quality – Product Testing Part 2 of 3

Product testing is performed using a variety of instruments and traditional chemistry and microbiological techniques. (Photos below courtesy of ARIIX Manufacturer and Microbiological Testing.) Traditional microbiological testing involves the use of culture tubes, petri plates and culture media. Tests are performed using different culture media, which promote or prevent the growth of the microorganisms in […]

ARIIX R&D—Quality – Product Testing Part 1 of 3

First, we’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the ARIIX Quality Team, Jason Child, our Quality Inspector. Jason comes to ARIIX with 21 years of manufacturing and quality assurance experience across several industries, including aircraft and automotive components, custom window blinds and dietary supplements. We’re excited to have Jason join our team […]



BOUNTIFUL, Utah — On March 5, 2018, ARIIX, an international opportunity company that promotes healthy, toxin-free living announced its merger with NuCerity, a Houston, Texas-based network marketing company. This partnership formed due to different market strengths and the opportunity those strengths presented for the representatives, along with strong projected sales figures. GROWTH – 30,000 is […]

Puritii Award: Finalist in 2017 Sustainability Awards

The Business Intelligence Group named the Puritii Water Filtration System a finalist in the 2017 Sustainability Awards program. The event was held in Bountiful, Utah last October 12, 2017. Sustainability Awards gives recognition to products that promote sustainable developments. They also give respect to individuals who made significant contributions to sustainability. The awards program also […]

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