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Prevent Dry Skin During Cold Season

How to prevent your skin to get dry during cold season? Cold, dry air can leave your skin itchy, red, and irritated. Combat dry winter skin with these tips for retaining your skin’s natural moisture. If you live in a very cold country, you do not need to ask me how winter can damage your […]

Best Anti-Aging Strategies for a Youthful Skin

“Can I just remain 20 years old?”. You are asking yourself while typing in the search bar what are the anti-aging strategies for you. It is very normal to be self-conscious, especially whenever you notice the signs of aging on your skin.  We know that it is very impossible to reverse your age, but it […]

Get Rid of Dark Spots: Ways to Remember

Jouve - Get Rid of Dark Spots

Before we learn the ways on how to get rid of dark spots, we need to consider the sensitivity of our skin. We all have different skin types, some are very sensitive but some are not really. Sometimes we are just applying everything to our face just to solve our skin problems. Always remember, as […]

Natural Skin Care Tips to follow in Winters

Natural Skin Care

Winter is coming, we are all excited thinking about playing in the snow while throwing snowballs at your friends or building a snowman with your siblings. Before thinking about that, you should look after yourself first. Winter can have bad effects in our body, especially our skin. Natural skin care is a must in this […]

Skin Care Tips Women with Perfect Skin Follow

skin care tips

Skin care tips abound everywhere. They are no longer a secret. We have heard of different tips a lot of times. But the question is, which among those bunch really does work? Everyone has surely seen a woman with seemingly perfect skin. The moment you saw her with that glowing face, you think “Seriously, how […]

Natural Skin Care: Finding Your Best Partner

Natural Skin Care: Finding your Best Partner

Nowadays, most people prefer to have natural skin care. Everyday people do their best to look good physically. And our skin is the number one thing others get to see first when you present yourself. Thus, skin care is vital. Moreover, people are looking for natural ways of skin care. On a daily basis, the […]

Nourish Your Skin From the Inside Out

Nourish Your Skin From the Inside Out

Why is it important to nourish your skin? The skin is the largest organ in our body. Whatever happens inside our body, shows in our skin, whether it’s good or bad. How you look is a reflection of what you eat. Aside from topical applications and healing oils to protect and heal your skin, one […]

Swiss Snow Algae – The Secret To Anti-Aging

Swiss Snow Algae - The Secret To Anti-Aging

Swiss snow algae or snow algae, scientific name Chlamydomonas nivalis, is becoming a popular ingredient in skin care creams and anti-aging products. It is a species of green algae that contains red carotenoid pigments. These species thrive in cold climates and freezing water. Snow algae contain carotenoids that make the algae turn red when winter […]

Buddleja Stem Cells vs Human Stem Cells

Buddleja Stem Cells vs Human Stem Cells

Buddleja stem cells are plant stem cells that are now being used in beauty products. It plays a key role in skin health. What are Buddleja Stem Cells? These stem cells are extracted from the Buddleja plant, scientific name Buddleja davidii, and commonly known as Butterfly bush. This plant is a shrub that is found […]

Importance of Sleep – The Truth About Beauty Sleep

Importance of Sleep in Skin Health

We have always been told to get enough, quality sleep, about 7 to 9 hours every night. But what is the importance of sleep and how does it affect our body, especially our skin? What happens when we sleep All the cells in our body use this time to recuperate and regenerate. The body repairs […]

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