Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy Structure

Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy Structure

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, and Calcium have great connections for their proper function and benefits to good health. Vitamin D is produced by the body through sun exposure, in the food we eat and some supplements available in the market. Sufficient Vitamin D intake is important to the presence of calcium in the body. But, what is ‘Calcium‘? Why is it essential to our body’s well-being? Where can we get this? Well then, let’s find out.

Calcium and its Benefits

There are 5 major minerals in the human body, namely: phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

Calcium is a mineral, a type of chemical element required as an important nutrient to the human body structure. It is found naturally in the food we eat and water we drink because it is not produced by the body but it can only be acquired. Since this is an alkaline earth metal, This element is basically important in building strong and denser bone structures. It prevents the body from bone diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, and other bone diseases. It soothes back pains and ensures proper shape of the body. Furthermore, it maintains healthy gums and teeth by protecting it from bacteria causing odor and decay.Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy Structure

Aside from that, the mineral is essential in protecting heart muscles and assists the nervous system for proper pressure in the blood vessels. Thus, it controls the blood pressure and helps avoid blood clotting. Moreover, it helps prevent obesity by helping the body maintain optimal body weight in both sexes. An adequate amount of this mineral in the body will stop the parathyroid gland to produce the hormone that stimulates fat production. It reduces the risk of colon cancer by suppressing the growth of polyps or tumors in the large intestine.

Furthermore, it is important in having healthy Alkaline pH levels from consuming preserved food, junk foods, and too much sugar which causes acidity in the body leading to diseases like cancer, hypertension, and kidney stones. Aside from that, this mineral can help avoid symptoms of menstrual depression like mood swings, dizziness, and tension. Finally, this element helps in the distribution of elements in the body. It promotes easy movements of nutrients across cell membranes.

Recommended Daily Amount of Calcium

Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy StructureVitamin D is vital in the intestinal absorption of Calcium. The content of Vitamin D in the body influences the function of calcium to address the deficiency. The daily amount required depends on the life stage, age, and gender of a person. Here is a list of the recommended daily amount in milligrams (mg):

0-6 months old – 210 mg from breastmilk, 315 mg from formula
7-12 months old – 270 mg from breastmilk, 335 mg from formula
1-3 years old – 500 mg
4-8 years old – 800 mg
9-13 years old – 1,300 mg
14-18 years old – 1,300 mg
19-50 years old – 1,000 mg
51-70 years old – 1,200 mg in women; 1,000 mg in men
71 + years old – 1,200 mg

Based on studies, deficiency of this mineral can negatively affect bone health. Some research also discovered the adverse effects when taken too much like severe fatigue, constipation, increased thirst, loss of appetite and nausea. It is best to take this element in an adequate amount.

Rich Sources of Calcium

Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy StructureMilk (whole, skim, low-fat or buttermilk) is a good source of Calcium and contains 300 mg per 1 cup serving. Calcium-fortified soy milk has 200-400 mg per cup. Yogurt and yogurt drink carries 300-450 mg while ice cream has 200 mg per cup serving. Dairy products like cheese have calcium content as well. Cottage cheese has 65 mg per 0.5 cups, and Parmesan has 70 mg per tablespoon. Per ounce serving of cheddar and mozzarella cheese contains 200 mg. While Brie Cheese and Swiss Cheese have 50mg and 270 mg respectively per ounce serving. In addition, hard-boiled eggs also contain 25 mg of this mineral.

Non-dairy food that contains natural calcium are white beans with 191 mg in 1 cup serving, dry roasted almonds with 72 mg per 1/4 cup and black-eyed peas with 185 mg per half cup canned. Vegetables such as ‘Bok-Choy’ (a Chinese cabbage) can provide 74 mg in 1 cup, ‘Kale’ (a leaf cabbage) contains 188 mg in 2 cups raw amount, and ‘turnip greens’ has 197 mg per 1 cup chopped serving.

Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy StructureIn addition, citrus fruits like oranges and tangerines contain 43-65mg per fruit. Mulberry has 55 mg per 1 cup amount as well as pears and prunes with 58-75 mg per serving. Blackstrap molasses (a healthy sugar syrup) is also rich in calcium with 172 mg in 1 tablespoon and sesame seeds have 126 mg per 1 cup raw.

Also, Canned fish meats like salmon with bones contain 232 mg in 1/2 can quantity. While sardines have 321 mg of calcium per 7 fillet serving.Mineral water also has this mineral. High calcium mineral water contains 344.7 mg/liter while low calcium mineral water has 9.9 mg/liter.

The Calcium Supplement That Is Right For You

Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy StructureDetermining the adequate amount of Calcium intake on the daily basis is very difficult. It is important that we get what is only enough to ensure healthy body and prevention from diseases.

ARRIX, the global leader in health and wellness developed a food supplement to ensures the ‘right’ amount of Calcium intake plus the advantages of Vitamin D and Magnesium.

MAGNICAL-D is the only Calcium Dietary Supplement that is ‘right’ for you. With the premium blend of vitamin and minerals, this product is the best for its absorbable calcium, bioavailable form of magnesium and the superior capability of Vitamin D.

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