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Pure Water: Bringing It Back To Our Bodies

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Effects of pure water in the body

man drinking pure waterIn the human body, water percentage would range to 55% to 60%. Water has been important for the human civilization ever since the beginning of time. Back then it was pure water. Since that time, water has been used to cleanse the body and quench thirst. The body needs water for it is used by cells, organs and tissues.

The wonders of water go beyond that. It helps the tissues in the body be moist. It prevents dry mouth eyes and nose. Water even protects the spinal cord since it also acts as a lubricant to the joints. With having sufficient amount of water in the body, it aids in excreting waste. This is done through defecation, urination and perspiration. It also then aids in digestion. The process of digestion depends greatly on enzymes found in saliva. And saliva came from water as well.

As you go through your day, it is inevitable to sweat. Once you sweat or perspire, you lose water in your body. It is vital to replenish your body’s system with water again. Why? So that your body can be hydrated and efficient.  Water comes with nutrients to give out to the cells in the body. In most cases, water also escorts toxins out of the body as well.

Toxic tap water in the system

toxicAs you have read, water is essential to the body. But what is most important is the source of the water. In today’s world, there is an abundant environmental problem that has affected the source of our water. With this, some sources of drinking water has been contaminated. It now contains bad toxins and contaminants. Most sources of drinking water can have chlorine, arsenic and fluoride. Therefore our waters are not pure water anymore. They have been breached by chemicals that are unwanted in the body.

Dating a few years back, environment groups have founded several chemicals in tap water. It was consumed by 60 million people and might have not known that they did. Toxic waters can bring negative outcome to the body. Those waters are the one that have high chemicals in them. The chemicals are too strong that vitamins in the body can’t fight it.

Bringing back pure water

Toxic water was evident even decades ago. Since then there were a ton of inventions to help reduce the risk of dirty tap water. One of the best ways to do so is using a filter device. A water filter gets rid of the unwanted substance in the water via its mechanisms. The best water filtration in the market has to be Puritii Water Filter. It has triple system that toxic water goes through for cleaning.puritii water filter

With such product, it won’t matter where your water source is. The filter has the power to remove toxins and pathogens. It contains three filtration systems:

Aquaspear is a filter system that removes bacteria from the water. This is important since bacteria can get in almost everything. So tap water is at risk for bacteria. When it enters the body, it can cause illnesses and weaken the immune system. But with such filtration, the water can be cleansed out easily.

ZeoSleeve has the ability to capture particles in the water. This then includes viruses and other unwanted substances in it.

The product contains activated coconut carbon filter. It makes water tasting clean and fresh. Both are essential to having clean water. It absorbs chemicals such as chlorine and iodine.puritii bottles

Along with the filter, there are Puritii Bottles as well. The bottles are unique with regards to its mouthpiece. It is such because it is free from dirt and debris. It has belt loops attached for hikers to reach it with ease.

To know more about the product, click Puritii Water Filter and Bottles.

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