Top 10 Most Healthy Fruits in the World with Super Drink!

healthy fruits - MOA

Do you want to boost your health? Just eat healthy fruits. Fruits are not questionable. There is no harm in eating fruits.  There are so many fruits that can help you improve your health. They have their own nutrition level for your body. Did you hear the word Superfood, how about Superfruits? But of course, […]

Omega-Q: Ways to Prevent Heart Disease

omega q- heart disease

Young or old, there’s no exemption when it comes to diseases, especially in heart disease. Preventing heart disease is one of the best choices you can have for the rest of your life. This is one of the most common reasons why people die early. It may not be the top priority for you, but […]

Effective Weight Loss Tips Without Exercise

healthy fruits - MOA

You tend to be conscious with your body once you heard “You look fat today”. Not all people have time to go to the gym or run around your building for a jog. People that are so busy with their work or busy taking care of their children sometimes have no time with themselves. When […]

Top 11 Healthy Foods to Build Lean Muscles

purenourish powerboost - lean muscles

We all want to look good, right? Having lean muscles is a big plus to your look. You need to look good in front of others, how to do it? Then take good care of yourself. Maybe you have good-styled hair or stylish clothes, but how about your body? You want to impress someone but […]

Magnical-D: How to Build Healthy Bones

magnical d - healthy bones

The build of our whole body is base on our skeleton that gives us the ability to move and function. Maybe during your childhood and adolescence days, you have no problem with your bones. The younger you are, the stronger of bones you have. You don’t need to be overconfident, it’s not too early or […]

How To Lose Weight

Losing Weight the Non-Chemical Way

How to lose weight is a question that has been lingering around the fitness industry far too long. Regardless of the thousands of resources out on the internet, there are still a lot of people who struggle with the journey. Discussed below is information revolving around how to lose weight. It is the simplest, basic […]

ARIIX CEO Fred Cooper Appointed as Honorary Professor At Top Chinese University


International Business Icon Dr. Fred Cooper Appointed as Consultant for Chinese Think Tank CAITEC and Honorary Professor at Top Chinese University -Acknowledgment Underscores Support for Chinese Economy and Young and Emerging Entrepreneurs- In a move that underscores the strength of his intellect and elite international business expertise, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) […]

Whiter Teeth with Helpful Tips

Are you self-conscious to smile in front of others? You have a lot of worries, I know that! Teeth can add points to your appearance. If you have nice hair but not so good looking teeth, it will really affect your overall appearance. Teeth can make or break your looks in front of other people. […]

Increase Metabolism: Here’s How

MOA - increase metabolism

Metabolism best describes the chemical reaction of your body. These chemical reactions are the ones that function and keep your body alive. Metabolism often relates to weight loss and fat burning. It really relates since the higher metabolism rate you have, the more calories you burn and it will be easy for you to lose […]

Importance of Whole Body Cleanse

The Importance of Liver Detox

Whole Body Cleanse and the Dangers of toxins: Having a whole body cleanse is just as important as taking a bath and eating food. This is much essential in today’s world because toxins and unwanted substances are easily acquired. It can be taken from foods and pollution outside. Once these toxins become abundant in the body, […]

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