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IIX Membership is now easier than ever! Remember when there were just two ways to get an IIX Membership? Starting July 16, 2016, those days are over—now there will be three!
  1. Purchase a IIX Membership for only $25!
  2. Earn a IIX Membership if your first order is 200 PV or more. Discounts apply immediately!
  3. Earn a IIX Membership by accumulating 200 PV within your first year. Discounts apply to purchases after the 200 PV is earned.
Maintaining good health is important, so that is why ARIIX developed and auto-delivery program. This program will insure that you do not run out of these amazing products. When you select our auto-delivery program in the shopping cart you will receive the lowest price of 30% off. It's important to understand that you can cancel the auto-delivery program at any time by calling ARIIX customer service at 855-462-7449, Monday thru Friday 8am to 6pm MST.
You can also call them directly and add to or adjust your order. If they ask for a representatives ID # please give them 10727.​
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BRANDITEM NAMEPV (Point Volume)RETAILLifetime IIX Membership (200 points & more)IIX Membership with Auto-Delivery*
NUTRIFIIOptimals (Vitamins & Minerals)55$112.79$95.87$78.95
NUTRIFIIMOA 2-Pack42$97.07$82.51$67.95
NUTRIFIIMOA Shot Glass$6.00
SLENDERIIZSlenderiix & Xceler876$164.21$139.58$114.95
SLENDERIIZSlenderiix & Xceler8 2-Pack150$318.50$270.73$222.95
SLENDERIIZBeauty Boost8$29.27$24.88$20.49
SLENDERIIZPower Boost8$29.27$24.88$20.49
SLENDERIIZSlenderiiz Blender Bottle$16.41$13.95$11.49
PURITIIPuritii Tritan Water Bottle & Filter47$114.27$97.13$78.99
PURITIIPuritii Stainless Steel Water Bottle & Filter50$127.77$108.61$89.44
PURITIIPuritii Water Filter40$85.64$72.80$56.95
PURITIIPuritii Water Filter 2-Pack75$155.64$132.30$108.95
PURITIIPuritii Air Purification System1000$2,464.29$2094.64$1,725.00
REVIIVEReviive Shampoo15$34.99$29.74$24.49
REVIIVEReviive Conditioner15$34.99$29.74$24.49
REVIIVEReviive Body Wash10$29.93$25.44$20.95
REVIIVEReviive Toothpaste5$14.99$12.74$10.49
PRIIMEPriime Calm30$64.21$54.58$44.95
PRIIMEPriime Ice30$64.21$54.58$44.95
PRIIMEPriime Escape20$42.13$35.81$29.49
PRIIMEPriime Sentry32$66.64$55.80$45.95
PRIIMEPriime Fractionated Coconut Oil13$29.93$25.44$20.95
PRIIMEPriime Atomizing Diffuser$133.00
JOUVEInstant Tightening and Restoring Serum42$87.07$74.01$60.95
JOUVEDark Spot Corrector and Brightening Cream59$122.79$104.37$85.95
JOUVEJouve Skin System (Tightening & Brightening)100$202.79$172.37$141.95

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