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7 Owners/Founders of ARIIX
With over 100 years of combined, successful experience, the ARIIX leadership team knows what it takes to create a lasting and thriving business. Our leadership team stands out from the crowd not only for their accomplishments, but also for their responsible management of their success. At ARIIX you will be immediately surrounded with the right people who know what it takes to truly make you prosperous.
Dr. Fred Cooper, CEO ARIIX

Fred Cooper—Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Fred Cooper is a respected leader with a talent for creating lucrative opportunities on a global scale. A true innovator and direct sales forerunner, Fred perceives opportunities where others don’t and has the unique ability to create revolutionary business models that benefit the independent business owner—like the industry-first and patent-pending ACTIV8™ Compensation Plan. ACTIV8 is well known and coveted in the industry, and the unique brain-child of Fred Cooper!

Dr. Fred Cooper received his PhD in Business and Statistics and taught for 17 years as a professor at the University of Utah. He is also the original founder of the Center for Entrepreneurship at the university. The direct selling industry first piqued Fred’s interest while he was teaching an advanced statistics class to an accountant whose firm conducted business with a publicly traded direct sales company. He came to realize that working for a direct sales company has the ability to expand one’s perception of business opportunities, and he welcomed the challenge of creating a compensation plan that could truly be rewarding and one of a kind.

Today, with more than 20 years of industry experience, Dr. Fred Cooper is one of the world's foremost experts in the managing of direct selling companies, emerging as a pioneer with a knack for spotting inefficiencies and then fixing them. In 2018 Fred became one of only 40 recipients worldwide to receive an honorary professorship from the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, and membership in the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation. As a recipient of this distinctive award, Fred is counted among an elite group of highly successful international leaders. Through these appointments, Fred is highly valued as a results-driven visionary for his contributions toward resolving commerce issues in the global marketplace.

A world-renowned speaker and award-winning businessman, Fred’s industry presence has earned him the title of Top CEO in the World by Business for Home, the leading industry publication. He was recently named Transformation Leader of the Year in the CEO World Awards, and he has been featured in myriad publications and news segments, including Performance 360, ABC4 “Good Things Utah,” The CEO Views, CIO Bulletin and Insights Success, to name a few.

But if you ask Fred, his greatest accomplishment is investing in people. He truly cares about his employees and representatives and takes a personal interest in the success of each one, as evidenced by the many devoted friends and associates who have seen their lives positively impacted by his unique style of guidance and support.

Mark Wilson, President of ARIIX

Mark Wilson—Founder, President

Mark Wilson is responsible for transforming lives on a global scale, innovating a multi-billion-dollar industry, and providing groundbreaking opportunities for thousands. Big-picture vision and an ability to recognize opportunities are his signature talents.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mark started his first business at age 20 and realized the amazing freedom it allowed him to determine his own success. His love for people and his enthusiasm for teaching others to unlock their potential is the reason for his passion for network marketing. Mark has more than 20 years of industry experience building relationships and supporting Representatives in the field.

Mark believes strongly in the importance of forging strong partnerships between the corporate office and ARIIX Representatives and always putting the needs of the Reps first. His unique, in-depth knowledge of the network marketing industry is a direct result of his extensive global travel, acting as the liaison between management and top leaders. Helping people dream big and achieve big is what he’s called to do.

Jeff Yates, CFO of ARIIX

Jeff Yates—Founder, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Yates holds a Master of Accountancy from Brigham Young University and brings more than 35 years of financial and accounting leadership experience to ARIIX, having worked with successful institutions of every size and through every phase of growth.

Jeff began his career by starting a sporting goods company with retail stores throughout Utah. He worked for several years as a CPA with the public accounting firm of PriceWaterhouse, consulting with premier clients throughout the United States. As the Chief Financial Officer for Franklin Covey Stores in Salt Lake City, he was accountable for 185 stores in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. He was the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of Deseret Book, and he later served as the CFO of USANA Health Sciences with responsibility for the company's global financial performance.

Today Jeff, is responsible for ARIIX’s financial reporting, accounting, tax, treasury, investor relations and human resources—but the most fulfilled aspect of his career is watching Representatives achieve their goals.

Riley Timmer, COO of ARIIX

Riley Timmer—Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Riley Timmer knows that often all it takes is a little boost to help someone elevate their life from good to great. As Chief Operating Officer of ARIIX, Riley combines a decade of corporate financial leadership experience with a forward-thinking global vision to ensure ARIIX is a valued resource for those who desire to take their health and life from good to amazing! Holding a degree in economics from the University of Utah, Riley has worked in corporate finance, investor relations and international expansion leadership roles for the last decade.

As Riley leads ARIIX’s international expansion efforts, he finds great satisfaction in learning about the cultures, background and history of our diverse world. Riley’s talent for understanding ARIIX Representatives and his passion for delivering exactly what they need is a crucial part of what makes the ARIIX mission and vision stand out.

Riley feels lucky that he is able to do what he loves best — helping others enrich their lives.

Deanna Latson, CPO of ARIIX

Deanna Latson—Founder, Chief Product Officer

Deanna Latson is the driving force behind the development of ARIIX’s revolutionary health and wellness products. Her passionate commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients from around the world makes the ARIIX Seal of Approval the industry’s gold standard.

Deanna is living proof that it’s possible to transform one's life through proper education and nutrition. While she was in college, both of Deanna’s parents became ill with life-threatening diseases. It was after they experienced amazing transformations in their health, and Deanna improved her own health and wellness through wholistic means, that she decided to pursue a career in nutrition.

Deanna has been involved in the field of health and wellness for more than 20 years and has served as a consultant, spokesperson, writer and guest lecturer for some of the largest colleges, universities and corporations in the world, including Smart Water and the American Heart Association. She is a sought-after motivational and NCAA grant-approved speaker. As a master communicator, Deanna serves as the liaison between the ARIIX Scientific Advisory Board and the field.

Wenhan Harry Zhang, CIO of ARIIX

Wenhan Harry Zhang—Founder, Chief Information Officer

A master in all aspects of IT, Wenhan Zhang also possesses a deep understanding of the network marketing industry and is highly proficient in business analysis, enabling him to communicate fluently with Representatives in the field. Over the course of his exemplary career, he has implemented a revolutionary, award-winning commission structure and downline management system, led the flawless integration of numerous company mergers, and undertaken the deployment of new business intelligence and online service systems with categorical success.

Wenhan's extensive knowledge encompasses all disciplines of IT functionality, including software, hardware, infrastructure and operations. He holds a master’s in Engineering from Ohio State University and was recently honored by the International Business Awards with the 2019 Gold Stevie® for IT Executive of the Year. Highly skilled at building revolutionary commission and downline management systems, among his most recent creations is a sophisticated computing grid with multiple data centers in Asia and North America, providing a global system of high performance and scalability — just one example of the expansive genius he brings to ARIIX.

Ian Chandler, CSO of ARIIX

Ian Chandler—Founder, Chief Sales Officer

Ian Chandler possesses both an excellent understanding of the network marketing industry and a deep appreciation for multicultural traditions. His business acumen and cultural sensitivity is a tremendous asset to ARIIX and is especially apparent in his easy interactions with the company’s international Representatives.

Ian knows how to get results and loves to help others realize success in their financial dreams by leveraging passion and productivity into creating powerful organizations. With ARIIX, Ian has found the perfect vehicle for combining his professional experience with his dedication to helping others reach their greatest potential.

Ian’s deep appreciation for the cultural heritage and wisdom that is abundant throughout the world is a perfect fit for ARIIX’s global vision of empowering humanity to reach its greatest potential. His command of the Chinese language and unique understanding of everything from compensation plans to customer relations perfectly aligns with the company’s goal to provide the right tools and support for every Representative in the way that best fits their market’s needs and trends.
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