2021 Transformation Throwdown

2021 Transformation Throwdown 2

Have you heard??? NewAge+ARIIX CEO, Brent Willis just matched the Transformation Throwdown cash prizes with NBEV shares!🥇

2021 Transformation Throwdown 3

1st Place $1000 cash prize + 1,000 NBEV shares + makeover package, including a professional makeover and photoshoot🥈

2nd Place$500 cash prize + 500 NBEV shares + $200 gift card for a spa treatment🥉

3rd Place$250 cash prize + 250 NBEV shares + $100 gift card to a local salon near you

Contest Details:

1. Purchase your Transformation Pack – save your order number.

2. Take your “before” photos holding a newspaper dated Jan. 6. (see registration page below for full details)

3. Register for the contest on Jan. 6, Enter your Transformation pack order number and upload your “before” photos. 

4. Check out our Healthier You Facebook page for weekly contests and prizes

5. At the end of the 8 weeks take your “after” photos holding a newspaper dated Mar. 4 (see registration page for full details),.

2021 Transformation Throwdown 4

These are the Transform Packs available…CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

74 / 100

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