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Avocado: Nutrients Inside the Alligator Pear

Do you love ice cream, smoothies, fruit shakes or even, dips and vegetable salads? Have you tried using soaps, lotions, or natural body wash? Some of the products have avocado ingredients and others are made from avocado extracts. Do you have any idea how nutritious ‘Avocado‘ is? And, what are the health benefits of the […]

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Egg: The Nature’s Super Multivitamin

It completes our breakfast every day. It gives life to salads, sandwiches, cakes and pastries, as well as soups. Also, it is used as a facial mask and was once an important element of a photographic process. These are some of what an egg can do and its significance to our lives. But what are the […]

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Grape Seed: The Greatness from the Royal Fruit

Grape is one of the most popular and important fruit worldwide. Its popularity began as early as 6,000-8,000 years ago. In fact, it holds a high status even in the ancient times. Grape has a scientific name of Vitis Vinifera L and known as the ‘Fruit of Kings and Queens’. This fruit belongs to the […]

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Benefits of Shea Butter for the Hair

Nowadays, the benefits of shea butter have proved its worth thus expanding its demand. More and more cosmetics companies are using shea butter as an ingredient to their products. Cosmetics, lotions, shampoos and conditioners are now filled with shea butter because it provides a wide range of health benefits. Shea butter comes from the nuts […]

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Fruit Diet: What Should You Be Eating Daily?

First of all, fruits are important foods that should be incorporated in our everyday meals. Furthermore, they also bring various nutrients and vitamins that protect our body from getting sick. The vitamins acquired from these fruits aid in boosting our immune system. The minerals support different organs and their complex processes. Having a fruit diet […]

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Healthy Diet: Eating The Right Foods

Eating healthy foods mean having a healthy diet. A healthy diet is important nowadays due to the abundance of processed and fast foods. More people result to eating them because they are much easier and convenient to acquire. There are various toxins that come from processed foods. These toxins can develop into complications and diseases […]

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Vitamin D – The Solution for Strong Bones and Muscles

What is Vitamin D? We aren’t here for a Science lecture, but we just want you to know a little about what Vitamin D is. It is very easy to understand, after all. So, what is it, really? It is a vitamin that absorbs the important minerals needed by our body. Just like Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency And What It Can Do To Your Body

Avoiding Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin D, or also known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” is important for good overall health. From having strong muscles to strong bones. It’s an important factor in making sure that your muscles, heart, lungs, brain and your organs work well so that your body can fight infection, lack of it will […]

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How To Cleanse Your Body With Simple Steps

How to cleanse your body might prove difficult for you and some people, but the truth is, it’s really simple and very easy to do.  Whenever we can’t recognize the substances that we put in our mouths, it can have a negative effect in the body. Toxins are more present in foods, drinks and even […]

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What Are The Different Essential Nutrients?

Our bodies require essential nutrients daily. The body uses them for nourishment and improvement. Nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins and minerals help the body function properly. Therefore, it is important that we eat healthy and balanced foods. But with the different nutrients that the body needs, what are the essential ones? The answer to […]

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