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Sources of Calcium: What Are The Best?

Most of us know what the sources of calcium are. And one of the most common sources is milk. Some of us may know that calcium is not just present in milk. There are other sources of this mineral. What is Calcium? Calcium is a mineral that plays a very important role in our body. […]

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Essential Vitamins That Your Body Can Enjoy

Essential vitamins are named as such for they are important to the body. It helps the body in cellular levels. It also boosts the immune system. It protects the organs from hazardous toxins. Finally, these vitamins are needed for the various processes done in the system. Vitamins may sometimes differ in their effects. However, there […]

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Calcium: The Pillar to a Healthy Structure

Vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, and Calcium have great connections for their proper function and benefits to good health. Vitamin D is produced by the body through sun exposure, in the food we eat and some supplements available in the market. Sufficient Vitamin D intake is important to the presence of calcium in the body. But, […]

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Vitamin D3: Cholecalciferol at Work

Most of us are aware of the amazing features and benefits of Vitamin D (calciferol) and its source which is sunlight. The human body needs Vitamin D for calcium absorption essential for strong bones, teeth and for overall health. Not only that, this vitamin is important for cardiovascular, neurological, renal, muscular, and physical health. As a […]

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Peppermint Oil: Nutrients Behind the Cooling Sensation

Cool. Powerful. Relaxing. These are the words that best describes Peppermint Oil. Most people use this essential oil for aromatherapy. While others apply this oil for body massage, reflexology, and for beautiful hair. In addition, peppermint oil is one of the best food flavorings. In fact, it is included in some products such as chewing […]

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VITAMIN D: Getting Enough of the ‘Sunshine’ Vitamin

It is greatly surprising that there is a ‘vitamin’ that is substantially important to our body and yet, is considered as the ‘most neglected’ by most people. VITAMIN D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is present in many foods, being added to some and is also available as a daily dietary supplement. In fact, this […]

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What is Vitamin D good for? – Benefits

What is Vitamin D good for? Before this gets tackled, it’s good to get to know this vitamin first. Vitamin D is also known as the “sunshine vitamin”. The reason being is that vitamin gets produced in response to sunlight. Just a simple exposure to the sun’s rays can trigger the production of Vitamin D. […]

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Vitamins and Minerals: What are They?

Vitamins and Minerals are compounds that are essential for everyone’s health and well-being. Both of these nutrients perform thousands of roles in the body. Vitamins and Minerals help the body work properly. Also, these compounds boost the immune system and support normal growth development. Although you get vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat, […]

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Sources of Vitamin D: Get your Daily Dose

There are different sources of vitamin D around the world. However, which ones have the highest content? Vitamin D is an important factor in the absorption of calcium in the body. It aids in bone development, immunes system functions, and lessening the occurrence of inflammation. An average adult needs about 600 IU per day. Vitamin […]

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Top 5 Sources of Vitamin D – Food Edition

Top 5 Sources of Vitamin D The top 5 sources of Vitamin D should be an essential knowledge because Vitamin D is an indispensable vitamin required to stabilize the body. Vitamin D is needed for the absorption of calcium, bone development, immune system functions, anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, vitamin D can decrease the risk of […]

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