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Nourish Your Skin From the Inside Out

Why is it important to nourish your skin? The skin is the largest organ in our body. Whatever happens inside our body, shows in our skin, whether it’s good or bad. How you look is a reflection of what you eat. Aside from topical applications and healing oils to protect and heal your skin, one […]

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Fight Aging In Your 40s: How Do We Do It

Growing old is something inevitable, but how do we fight aging in your 40s? At 40, your skin may already show some visible signs of aging. But there are ways to prevent it. Skin care regimen to fight aging in your 40s Use a cleanser that has alpha hydroxy acids or AHAs. These AHAs can […]

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Swiss Snow Algae – The Secret To Anti-Aging

Swiss snow algae or snow algae, scientific name Chlamydomonas nivalis, is becoming a popular ingredient in skin care creams and anti-aging products. It is a species of green algae that contains red carotenoid pigments. These species thrive in cold climates and freezing water. Snow algae contain carotenoids that make the algae turn red when winter […]

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Uses of Coconut Oil That We Didn’t Know About

Coconut Oil or also known as copra oil is an edible oil that is extracted from the coconut. There are several uses of coconut oil. It can be referred to as a wonder oil because of its many uses. Coconut oil is harvested from mature coconuts of the coconut trees. It is high in saturated […]

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Buddleja Stem Cells vs Human Stem Cells

Buddleja stem cells are plant stem cells that are now being used in beauty products. It plays a key role in skin health. What are Buddleja Stem Cells? These stem cells are extracted from the Buddleja plant, scientific name Buddleja davidii, and commonly known as Butterfly bush. This plant is a shrub that is found […]

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Importance of Sleep – The Truth About Beauty Sleep

We have always been told to get enough, quality sleep, about 7 to 9 hours every night. But what is the importance of sleep and how does it affect our body, especially our skin? What happens when we sleep All the cells in our body use this time to recuperate and regenerate. The body repairs […]

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Anti-aging Solutions: The Best For Your Skin Care

Aging is inevitable. Good thing there are a lot of anti-aging solutions. But are these anti-aging solutions effective? Our skin is the largest organ in the body and it’s the organ that’s clearly visible and exposed to harmful chemicals. These chemicals can cause premature aging; thus, wrinkles and fine lines appear even at a younger […]

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White Tea and Its Major Health Benefits

In recent years, drinking tea has become popular because of its proven health benefits. There are various kinds of tea such as black, green, and white tea. ‘But what makes white tea different from the rest of them? What is White Tea? White tea comes from the sun-dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, the […]

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What causes wrinkles to appear as we grow older?

Why do we get wrinkles?   Wrinkles are creases, lines, or folds in the skin. Wrinkles are mostly associated with aging. As we grow older, the cells of our skin become thinner and lose their elasticity because of the decrease in collagen production in our body. Research shows that after a person reaches the age […]

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Sweet Potato Nutrition: Facts and Health Benefits

The world has been blessed with many superfoods that give great nutrition and better health to human beings. One of these superfoods is the Sweet Potato, which has a scientific name Ipomoea batatas, that originated in either Central America or South America. But according to history, this crop has grown in Polynesia before the western […]

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