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Damaged Hair Treatments for Your Crowning Glory

As our hair is exposed to everyday chemicals and whatnot, it can be prone to damage. There are several damaged hair treatments that are specific to your needs. Hair can become brittle and dry to a variety of reasons. Common causes are excessive washing, application of harsh chemicals, exposure to harmful UV rays and even […]

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Coconut Oil: The Magical Oil for Your Crowning Glory

Coconut oil is an oil extracted from the meat of mature coconuts that are harvested from the coconut tree. It has a whole lot of health benefits. It can be used for your hair and skin and can be used all around the house. Coconut Oil is a versatile oil that has a lot of […]

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White Tea and Its Major Health Benefits

In recent years, drinking tea has become popular because of its proven health benefits. There are various kinds of tea such as black, green, and white tea. ‘But what makes white tea different from the rest of them? What is White Tea? White tea comes from the sun-dried leaves of the plant Camellia sinensis, the […]

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Unveiling the Secret Benefits of ‘Body Wash’

Washing the body or bathing plays a huge part in the human health. It proves a lot of benefits not only making the physical part clean, but it also helps us protecting ourselves from infections and illness. As a matter of fact, it also boosts one’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and emotional well-being. Aside from the water, […]

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White Teeth: Instant Home Remedies

According to actress Connie Stevens, ‘nothing you wear is more important than your SMILE’. But how can you smile if your teeth are yellowish or stained? How can you spread positivity and reflect good health when you can’t even give a simple smile? And, how can you have ‘white teeth‘ right in the comforts of […]

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Ways on How to Make Teeth White Fast

Do you have a date coming up? If you are self-conscious about your teeth, you should know the ways on how to make teeth white fast. Time is of the essence when celebrations or dates come up. You rarely have time to even do your own make-up. As a result, whitening your teeth should not […]

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Home Teeth Whitening: Types & Advantages

Every day, more people are using home teeth whitening methods to make their pearly whites shine. One reason is that home remedies are all natural and are safer for the teeth and gums. In addition, it’s easier to use and more convenient since there’s no pressure from the dentist. Moreover, dentists won’t be poking around […]

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Benefits of Shea Butter for the Hair

Nowadays, the benefits of shea butter have proved its worth thus expanding its demand. More and more cosmetics companies are using shea butter as an ingredient to their products. Cosmetics, lotions, shampoos and conditioners are now filled with shea butter because it provides a wide range of health benefits. Shea butter comes from the nuts […]

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