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Realize the Importance of Liver Detox

Almost everything in this modern world is INSTANT. We can notice it in things that we use every day and even in the food we eat. Fast foods and packed foods contain preservatives that are harmful to the body. These preservatives bring toxins that will result to illnesses that originate in the second largest organ […]

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5 Top Foods to Lower Cholesterol – Restoriix by Nutrifii

Are you looking for ways to trim down? Foods that encourage a balanced diet? How to lower cholesterol without drugs or medicines? How to lose cholesterol immediately? How to lower cholesterol numbers? Or are you looking for foods to lower cholesterol? Achieve all these by just changing the way you eat your day-to-day intake of […]

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Natural Detox – Why Is It Important For The Body?

Avoidance of toxins – Natural Detox: Natural detoxification or natural detox is the process of removing toxic substances in the body. There are many ways of doing this process. It can be done naturally or with the help of dietary supplements. First off, almost every person needs to undergo this process. Acquiring negative toxins in […]

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3 Easy Ways on How to Detox your Liver

Every person’s health and well-being depend on its capacity to eliminate toxins and pollutants. As a result, everyone should know the proper ways on how to detox your liver. Your life somewhat depends on your liver. The liver’s health determines the overall well-being of the body. The liver converts everything we eat, breathe, and absorb, […]

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Top 5 Foods that Help Lower Cholesterol

Unhealthy cholesterol levels are the usual suspects of diseases, that’s why you need to know the foods that help lower cholesterol. Cholesterol is both a friend and an enemy. At normal levels, cholesterol helps in the proper function of the cell membranes. It is necessary for helping the body maintain its normal functions. However, if […]

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How to Detox your Liver from Alcohol

It’s 2017 and you’re planning on how to detox your liver from alcohol because of the partying you did during the holidays. However, you don’t know where to start and don’t have any idea as well on what you’ll be needing on the cleanse. Well, for starters, it’s good to know that alcohol has detrimental […]

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Top 5 Cholesterol-Lowering Foods that You Didn’t Know About

If you’re already eating healthy and devouring the top 5 cholesterol-lowering foods that you didn’t know about, then continue. However, for those who are still living the unhealthy way, read on to know more about cholesterol, and what are the foods to eat to prevent it to sky-rocket. Although, you can’t live without cholesterol. We […]

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Water Detox Recipes to Cleanse your Body

Water Detox helps flush off toxins that can be harmful to the body. The simple ingredients added on to the water can help you reap more benefits from the water itself. In addition, you can do water detox daily or whatever your preference is. Further, water detox does not only make your body healthy, it can […]

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Water Detox: Three Types Explained For You

When you are looking to lose weight, go check any program out there and you would see one common thing in all of them. That common factor would be drinking lots of water. Water is there to hydrate and replenish the body. Water also fills your stomach for you to consume fewer foods. But did […]

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Detox Your Liver With These 5 Healthy Foods

Nowadays, processed foods and fried foods are rampant in markets and grocery stores which can make you wonder how should you detox your liver, right?  When we eat a lot of unhealthy foods, our liver becomes overloaded and overworked. In addition, every time we get exposed to pollutants and stress, it gets the same effect. […]

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