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Antioxidants and Its Vital Role in Our Body

Antioxidants are substances that inhibit oxidation. These substances may be man-made or can be naturally produced substances. They can be found in many food sources, including fruits and vegetables. They are also included in some dietary and nutritional supplements. These antioxidants can prevent cell damage from happening. Antioxidants and Free Radicals Cell damage has been […]

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Superfoods and Everything You Need To Know About It

Superfoods – what are they? Nutritionists often advise individuals to include eight to ten servings of fruit and vegetables in their diet for better health. However, given the daily rush of our busy lifestyles, we know that it isn’t all possible. Our fast-paced lives make us rely on quick meals that aren’t all that healthy. […]

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Whole Body Cleansing and Its Important Benefits

Detox, or whole body cleansing, is the process of eliminating or removing toxins from our body. It is the process of cleaning up or purifying our blood that circulates in our body. It is important to detox occasionally, to make sure our body is still at its optimum health. Simply put, full body cleansing is […]

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Uses of Coconut Oil That We Didn’t Know About

Coconut Oil or also known as copra oil is an edible oil that is extracted from the coconut. There are several uses of coconut oil. It can be referred to as a wonder oil because of its many uses. Coconut oil is harvested from mature coconuts of the coconut trees. It is high in saturated […]

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Detoxification: Its Benefits and How To Do It

Detoxification Detoxication, detoxification, or detox for short, is the physiological or medicinal way of removing toxic substances from the body. This process is mainly done by the liver. There are different types of detoxification. Whether it’s alcohol, drug detoxification, or metabolic detox, the primary goal of this process is to eliminate toxic chemicals or substances […]

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Ubiquinol CoQ10 – The Coenzyme For A Healthy Body

Ubiquinol CoQ10 is one of the important coenzymes used in our body. Coenzymes are substances that assist enzymes in doing certain jobs in our body like digesting carbohydrates and protein, or providing energy to our organs so they can function properly. What is Ubiquinol CoQ10? This coenzyme is a vitamin-like substance. Ubiquinol CoQ10 is naturally […]

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Superfruits: How Super Are These Fruits?

Superfruits are mostly rare, native fruits that are packed with a lot of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These superfruits have a wide variety of antioxidants that have a lot of health benefits. What superfruits do Superfruits are high in antioxidants and amino acids. It can boost your overall health. These superfruits can also help prevent […]

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Reishi Mushroom: What It Is and Its Benefits

Reishi mushroom, scientific name Ganodema lucidum, is a medicinal mushroom that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for more than 2,000 years. It is one of the oldest mushrooms that are known to be used as medicine and treatment. This mushroom is also known as Lingzhi. These mushrooms are native to parts of Asia […]

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Superfood: What does it do to our body?

Superfood is a fruit or vegetable that is very rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. These foods are called such because they are rich in nutrients. Superfood is said to be super because of the benefits it gives for our health and well-being. Sources of superfood Most superfoods come from plants but are also found […]

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Lutein: Its Benefits That We Didn’t Know About

Lutein is a naturally occurring carotenoid. It is known as the vitamin for the eyes. This is the yellow and orange pigment found in fruits and vegetables. It is an antioxidant for the eyes. Benefits of Lutein Lutein is also called the eye vitamin because of the benefits it gives to our eyes. This carotenoid […]

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