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White Teeth: Instant Home Remedies

According to actress Connie Stevens, ‘nothing you wear is more important than your SMILE’. But how can you smile if your teeth are yellowish or stained? How can you spread positivity and reflect good health when you can’t even give a simple smile? And, how can you have ‘white teeth‘ right in the comforts of […]

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Peppermint Oil: Nutrients Behind the Cooling Sensation

Cool. Powerful. Relaxing. These are the words that best describes Peppermint Oil. Most people use this essential oil for aromatherapy. While others apply this oil for body massage, reflexology, and for beautiful hair. In addition, peppermint oil is one of the best food flavorings. In fact, it is included in some products such as chewing […]

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Avocado: Nutrients Inside the Alligator Pear

Do you love ice cream, smoothies, fruit shakes or even, dips and vegetable salads? Have you tried using soaps, lotions, or natural body wash? Some of the products have avocado ingredients and others are made from avocado extracts. Do you have any idea how nutritious ‘Avocado‘ is? And, what are the health benefits of the […]

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VITAMIN D: Getting Enough of the ‘Sunshine’ Vitamin

It is greatly surprising that there is a ‘vitamin’ that is substantially important to our body and yet, is considered as the ‘most neglected’ by most people. VITAMIN D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is present in many foods, being added to some and is also available as a daily dietary supplement. In fact, this […]

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Belly Fat Burner : Things To Keep In Mind

Belly fat is a problem that we need to get rid of. These days we need to think of our health mainly because health is wealth. And the solution? A belly fat burner. There are a lot of belly fat burners, however, you need to prioritize and get your mind to focus on the things you […]

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Belly Fat And The Best Diet To Lose It

Have you ever wondered what’s the best and easiest way to lose belly fat? You have visited the right page, we’ll give you some tips on how to lose it.  The truth is everyone has some belly fat and this is normal. However, you need to be mindful that too much belly fat is not good […]

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Vitamin D Food Sources – Everything Under the Sun

Just like any other vitamins, Vitamin D is an essential part of one’s well-being, thus vitamin D food sources should be known. It is an important component in calcium and phosphorus absorption. It helps maintain these minerals’ blood levels and ensure that they are absorbed well by the bones. Vitamin D is vital in making […]

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Vitamin D Deficiency And What It Can Do To Your Body

Avoiding Vitamin D Deficiency Vitamin D, or also known as the “Sunshine Vitamin” is important for good overall health. From having strong muscles to strong bones. It’s an important factor in making sure that your muscles, heart, lungs, brain and your organs work well so that your body can fight infection, lack of it will […]

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Coconut Oil And Its Many Benefits to Our Well-Being

The Coconut or the “Miracle Fruit” is a widely known plant not just for its features, but also for its uses and benefits. Out of all the uses, we have from the coconut plant, Coconut Oil has been recently discovered to have so many benefits. Beach lovers know the coconut plant very well for it […]

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Foods Rich In Vitamin D And An All-In-One Supplement

Vitamin D is an essential substance in the body. The body needs this vitamin to absorb calcium and support bone health. Low amounts of vitamin D can lead to soft and fragile bones. Having this vitamin help bone growth is already an advantage for our bones tend to be more fragile as we age. Aside […]

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