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Body Pain: What Causes It and How To Manage It

Body pain is a feeling that is triggered by the nervous system of the body. It is a feeling that can be distressing and can be caused by different stimuli. There are some health conditions that can cause your entire body to be painful. Body ache can be intense and damaging to our body. Pain […]

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Lutein: Its Benefits That We Didn’t Know About

Lutein is a naturally occurring carotenoid. It is known as the vitamin for the eyes. This is the yellow and orange pigment found in fruits and vegetables. It is an antioxidant for the eyes. Benefits of Lutein Lutein is also called the eye vitamin because of the benefits it gives to our eyes. This carotenoid […]

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Chamomile and Its Known Health Benefits

The chamomile plant  Chamomile, also called Matricaria recutita, is a member of the Asteraceae family. This plant is considered one of the most ancient medicinal herbs. It is known to be an antioxidant and has been used in Ancient times as an effective alternative medicine due to its natural healing properties. The herb is commonly […]

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Grape Seed Extract and its Unbelievable Antioxidant Benefits

As we have mentioned in the previous article about Grape Seed: The Greatness from the Royal Fruit, it was revealed that Grape Seed was well-known to have superb medicinal powers during the ancient times other than wine-making. In comparison with Grape Seed Oil, Grape Seed Extract holds the highest nutrient content. As of the dosage […]

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The Silky-smooth Benefits of COCONUT OIL for the Skin

In the previous article, we learned about the general benefits of coconut oil. Now, we can further discuss on its benefits in a more specific approach. How about coconut oil for the skin? There are various skin care products available in the market today. In fact, these skin care products contain different kinds of natural […]

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Liver: Easy Ways to Detox this Vital Organ

The Liver is the second largest and most hardworking organ in the human body. Bile production and excretion of bilirubin, hormones, and cholesterol are some of the functions of the liver. It is the chemical processor and the remover of toxins and harmful substances in the body. Furthermore, this organ cleanses the blood from alcohol and […]

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Essential Oils for Weight Loss: Fact or Fiction?

Obesity is one of the world’s greatest problem in this present generation. Slimming products are sprouting everywhere, as well as fitness gyms, and weight loss recipe books. People have this misconception that if they stop physical activities they will get weight rebound or if they sleep, they will accumulate fats in their bodies. Not knowing […]

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Peppermint Oil: Nutrients Behind the Cooling Sensation

Cool. Powerful. Relaxing. These are the words that best describes Peppermint Oil. Most people use this essential oil for aromatherapy. While others apply this oil for body massage, reflexology, and for beautiful hair. In addition, peppermint oil is one of the best food flavorings. In fact, it is included in some products such as chewing […]

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Avocado: Nutrients Inside the Alligator Pear

Do you love ice cream, smoothies, fruit shakes or even, dips and vegetable salads? Have you tried using soaps, lotions, or natural body wash? Some of the products have avocado ingredients and others are made from avocado extracts. Do you have any idea how nutritious ‘Avocado‘ is? And, what are the health benefits of the […]

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Egg: The Nature’s Super Multivitamin

It completes our breakfast every day. It gives life to salads, sandwiches, cakes and pastries, as well as soups. Also, it is used as a facial mask and was once an important element of a photographic process. These are some of what an egg can do and its significance to our lives. But what are the […]

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