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Weight Loss through Fascinating Essential Oils

Dieting, regular exercise, and water therapy are not the only means to weight loss. Some people even starve themselves to get quick results. In fact, most people no matter how hard they tried everything, still failed to reach their goals. With just a simple relaxation and aromatherapy, losing weight is highly achievable. Thanks to Weight […]

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Nutritional Balancing: The Missing Link to Restore Human Health

The condition of the body depends on the things you put inside your mouth. Healing from diseases depends on the sufficiency of nutrients absorbed by the body. In everything you do to your body, there is always a consequence. The science of Nutritional Balancing is now advancing its popularity. How can this healing protocol be the missing […]

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Lavender Oil and its Unbelievable Health Benefits

Are you having difficulties in getting enough sleep? Overstressed and often do over-thinking? Frequently bitten by mosquitoes and bugs? Also, are you suffering from external and internal diseases? Well, maybe you need some aromatherapy alternative treatment for your condition. Lavender oil is probably the answer to your problems. Lavender oil is an extract that comes […]

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Liquid Diets for Weight Loss: Effective or Not?

There are plenty of weight loss diet plans designed by medical and fitness professionals to address the problem in ‘obesity’. Vegetarian diet, vegan diet, south beach diet and Atkin’s diet are some of the most popular and has proven effective by many. But, there is a weight loss diet plan which is ‘unique’, does not […]

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Oily Skin: Simple Solutions To Get Rid Of It

Did you know that a clinical study discovered that 75% of adult population are diagnosed with persistent acne and ‘oily skin‘? 54% of this population are women more than 25 years of age. Let’s figure out what is this skin condition and if it’s alarming. And, what can we do to avoid it? Reasons and […]

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Copaiba Oil: Healing Benefits from the Oil of Life

Aromatherapy is one of the most popular forms of alternative medicines aside from Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Acupressure, and etc. It is a form of therapy wherein ‘essential oils’ are involved in the process of treating and healing. One of the valuable yet not so well-known essential oil is ‘Copaiba Oil‘. Copaiba Oil is a type of […]

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Korean Skin Care Routine: New Regimen to Skin Perfection

In this period where ‘K-Pops’ become the latest craze and ‘Korean Drama’ has captured the viewers worldwide, it is very obvious why ‘Korean Skin Care Routine‘ now becomes the ‘sacred vessel’ or as a fundamental process for ‘beautiful skin’. Korean men and women gained high regards for their beautiful appearance and for having flawlessly white complexion. […]

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Stomach Fats: The Easy Solutions to Get Rid of Them at Home

Among the other parts of the body, around the stomach is the area where fat concentrates. Toning the body through proper diet and exercise is somewhat easier to notice. But stomach fats are the easiest to accumulate and the hardest to eliminate. We all know that causes of ‘stomach fats’ are junk foods, too many […]

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Realize the Importance of Liver Detox

Almost everything in this modern world is INSTANT. We can notice it in things that we use every day and even in the food we eat. Fast foods and packed foods contain preservatives that are harmful to the body. These preservatives bring toxins that will result to illnesses that originate in the second largest organ […]

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5 Best Ways To Burn Fat, Fast! – Slenderiix by Ariix

Don’t be ashamed to say that you are trying to lose weight. It’s normal. And who doesn’t even want to be the fittest possible version of themselves? Everyone has a body goal, but not everyone has necessarily the motivation to do what they have to do to achieve that body. Everyone wants to achieve their […]

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