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ARIIX provides unique high-quality products meeting consumer demands in the health and wellness industry for complete & balance nutrition, weight loss management, pure water & air, personal care products, essential oils and anti-aging skincare.
ARIIX Optimal Nutrition
Slenderiiz Weight Loss System
Puritii Water & Air Filtration
Reviive Personal Care Products
Priime Essential Oils
Jouve Skin Care

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Our Scientific Advisory Board includes some of the most respected individuals in their specialized fields, who collaborate closely with us in the development of our products within each ARIIX brand. Each of these members contributes to the leading edge of health science, with a commitment to health and wellness products of the highest quality and purity available. ARIIX nutritional supplements are manufactured in a FDA/OTC registered facility that far exceeds the minimum requirement for the production of dietary supplements, delivering the highest quality product on the market today!

Dr. Ray Strand shares his "Healthy for Life Program".

Access more of Dr. Ray Strand's Medical Minutes Videos --- Click Here

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